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Chen Shi turned on the light, and the man lying on the floor was Big Ox. The open abdominal cavity was bloody, like a bottomless black hole. His face was fixed in an expression of extreme pain and his right hand gripped a mobile phone so tightly that the tempered glass screen protector on the phone was bulging.

The items in the house were neatly arranged and there were no signs of struggle. The blood stains on the floor and walls were still a bit warm. Based on this, it was speculated that the murderer had left the scene less than two hours ago.

"Why would it be Big Ox who died?!" Chen Shi muttered to himself in disbelief. "It stands to reason that the murderer already knew that Zhang Xiao was the person he was looking for."

"It's 4:00 in the morning, and Captain Peng is still resting. Let's stay here until dawn and call someone over to deal with it!" Lin Qiupu suggested.

Chen Shi asked Lin Dongxue to go to the car to sleep for a while. She had been awake the whole night and she could barely open her eyes. He checked the scene himself and tried not to touch anything.

Compared with the last homicide, the murderer’s technique this time was even cleaner. There were almost no additional injuries on Big Ox's body. It seemed as though he had been injected with anesthetic and had his internal organs directly taken out. Big Niu was likely to have woken up in pain afterwards. The murderer had already left by then, and Big Niu struggled alone in the house for a while before dying in despair.

His right hand clenched the phone so tightly that it couldn't be removed. Chen Shi was afraid that forcibly prying his fingers away would break his finger bones, so he could only wait for Peng Sijue and the others to find a way.

Chen Shi carefully observed the wound of the deceased, then looked at the bloody handprints on the wall. He said to Lin Qiupu, "Have you noticed that the murderer is left-handed?"

"Really?" Lin Qiupu raised his head from the phone and said, "I’m looking at the photos sent by the seven people just now, and I can't see any problems with them. I think you guessed wrong this time. The murderer shouldn’t be among these people."

Chen Shi went to the door to check, and said, "The lock has not been picked, and the deceased is dressed casually. This shows that the murderer is most likely someone he knew... The same as the last crime scene."

"The people they know may not be among the nine."

"I still stick to my reasoning. There must be an explanation for what happened tonight."

"Maybe the murderer just wanted to divert our attention, or he couldn't find Zhang Xiao, and killed someone randomly. Let me say something I probably shouldn’t. If I were the murderer, I would think all nine of them deserve to die!"

"If that’s the case, the murderer could kill them one by one from the beginning. If he could send the body parts by post, it means he knows everyone's address. Why wait until the police intervene be

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