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Chapter 738: Either The Fish Dies Or The Net Splits[1]

Lin Dongxue said, "Guo Yang's sister was bullied by the local hooligan. He carried a hatchet late at night and snuck into the house of the hooligan and killed all three people in the hooligan’s family. This case has solid proof. Before he was arrested, he escaped and has been a wanted criminal ever since. I heard from the local police that the people in the county treated his sister coldly because of the homicide involved. One year after Guo Yang escaped, she could no longer bear it. Under the pressure of public opinion, his sister committed suicide by drinking pesticide."

"Is there no one else in his family?"

"Brother and sister only had each other to rely on. It’s said that his sister and the little hooligan who bullied her actually knew each other. The police speculated that his sister couldn’t support herself and Guo Yang, who was in high school, with just her meagre salary from the factory. Rumor was that she had secretly prostituted herself. This is what the local police said. Whether it’s true or not remains uncertain."

"Who can completely know the truth of what happened three years ago!" Chen Shi thought for a moment. "We should go find him now, but the reporters outside..."

"Follow me!"

Lin Dongxue took Chen Shi down the stairs to the underground parking lot. It turned out that several reporters also stood in front of the parking lot. The entire Long’an media had gone crazy, people from the satellite TV station was said to have come, and the interview car was parked outside the door.

"I remember that the windows on the second floor don't have grills." Chen Shi said.

"If you climb out and are seen, you will definitely be cross-examined."

"I’ll take the risk!"

Hence, the two went to the second floor and carefully climbed out from a window. Chen Shi went down first and caught Lin Dongxue. Fortunately, they weren’t discovered by the reporters and left quickly.

The car left in the parking lot couldn't be retrieved, so they had to take a taxi to Little Four’s. When they got to the studio, Chen Shi said, "Don't say anything when we meet him. Let’s try to find a way to restrain him. Did you bring your handcuffs?"

"I’ve brought them!" Lin Dongxue patted her waist.

It turned out that Little Four wasn’t in the studio. The people there said that he had applied for leave. Chen Shi had a vague bad premonition. He called the others and found that he couldn't get through to them. It was daytime, and having all their phones turned off at the same time was definitely no coincidence.

The two had to ask the bureau for help with trying to locate Little Four’s cell phone signal.

At this time, Lin Qiupu called and questioned, "I saw your text message. Who told you two to investigate the case without authorization?"

"Brother, Little Four should be the murderer. Now that this has happened, he’s likely to do some crazy things. We have to subdue

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