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Chen Shi rushed outside and saw a scene that went against common sense.

A headless, naked "person" wearing only red underwear was running rampant on the sidewalk. Passers-by screamed and fled. The vehicles on the road braked one after another. The drivers behind them were caught off guard and collided with the cars in front. The crashing sounds were endless.

The headless man swayed as if it was drunk. If you observed carefully, you would find that its right hand was hanging down. Its left leg stepped forward and dragged its right leg along. It had no sense of direction at all and the path of travel was extremely erratic.

A woman was so frightened that she fell on her bottom. Yellow liquid came out from under her skirt. When the headless man approached her, the woman crawled backwards on her hands and feet, screaming.

An empty zone formed around it. People were shocked and took out their mobile phones.

The police stood at the door of the Public Security Bureau, completely stunned and dumbfounded. Peng Sijue ordered, "Don't stand there stupidly! Hurry up and get the body back."

"That... Is that considered a corpse?" someone stammered.

"Whatever it is, get it back quickly!"

The police rushed over. A young policeman actually took out his gun, pointed it at the headless man and shouted, "Don't move!"

"Don't shout. It's useless. It can't hear you." Chen Shi said.

Chen Shi stretched out his hand to grab the headless man’s arm. When the palm of his hand touched the icy and slippery skin of the headless man’s arm, the headless man suddenly panicked, shook off Chen Shi’s palm forcefully, and rushed towards the road, dragging its right leg. It staggered on the drop from the sidewalk to the road, and then propped itself off the ground with its left hand. When its palm touched the slightly hot concrete pavement, it seemed a little confused and paused for a few seconds.

The police took this opportunity to surround it. When someone touched it, it was like a frightened animal, punching recklessly before knocking aside the police in front trying to block it with its arm. Its strength was amazing. Then it rushed across the road and ran into a street light, bounced back, and fell onto the ground.

It was like a fish out of water, lying on the ground and struggling. The last bit of its vitality seemed to have dried up. Its left hand was drawing something on the ground.

The police immediately surrounded it, but no one dared to touch it. Several police officers even had guns in their hands.

A policeman asked, "It... Is it the one from the autopsy room?"

After drawing for a long time, the headless man finally stopped moving. Chen Shi turned it over and felt for its heartbeat. The heart had stopped, but the chest was actually warm. This proved that the heart was still beating a few seconds ago.

Looking around at the mobile phones held by the surrounding citizens, Chen Shi knew that this matter was no longe

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