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"What then?" Chen Shi said, "Chen Fengde killed people in reality in order to 'wake up'?"

Gu You replied with a heavy expression, "The crime he committed was the murder in Jici Hospital ten years ago."

Chen Shi immediately recalled the case, but he pretended to take out his mobile phone and search for it. He said, "Oh, it was a sensational case at that time. Six comatose patients in the inpatient department were killed, along with a nurse. It was said that there were a bunch of suspects. After half a year of investigation, Chen Fengde, who had absolutely nothing to do with the deceased, was found. They also don’t know the motive for the murder. It’s a mystery."

"From the interrogation to the conviction, Chen Fengde had always claimed that he was wrongly accused. The police regarded his explanation as nonsense. He had said that his body was exchanged with another person in a dream and that person killed the patients with his body. He had no grievances with those comatose people, so why would he kill them? I was the only one willing to listen to these words in the detention center for psychological counseling. Right, I was still an intern back then. Going to the detention center to conduct psychological counseling for prisoners was my volunteer work."

"Does the dream he talked about refer to reality?" Lin Dongxue asked.

"I don't know what he was referring to. When I saw him, he was confused and impaired. He spoke incoherently with disconnected sentences. He often laughed eerily in the middle of the conversation saying that this dream was really long, but he would definitely wake up. According to the detention center, he painted strange symbols on the wall and talked to himself all day long. The prisoners in the same prison regarded him as a lunatic and often bullied him."

"So who did Chen Fengde swap bodies with?" Chen Shi asked, before adding, "According to his statement."

"A young man named Liu Tao. Liu Tao's wife was one of the patients he killed. Because his wife wouldn't wake up, he was burdened with a lot of medical expenses. Liu Tao had a hard life. In order to relieve the pressure, he had affairs outside. It’s inevitable that a man will have an affair in that situation. After the death of his wife, he received a large sum of insurance money and soon married his mistress. It can be said that he had a clear motive for murder. I haven’t met Liu Tao, but another person met him - Chen Fengde’s daughter. When I visited her, she accidentally mentioned something. One day, a stranger claimed to be her father. He went to school to pick her up from school. His speech and habits were exactly the same as her father’s. This stranger was Liu Tao! That day happened to be the day of the murder! When you conduct psychological research for too long and you meet too many patients, you will always doubt the authenticity of the world. This incident has always made me unable to let go. I haven’t been able to find the answer till now.

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