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On April 9th, the police went to Little Four’s house to investigate and collect evidence.

Little Four’s "home" was a bit special. It was a broken excavator in front of a ruined building. He had removed the seat inside the cab. His bedroom was the cab that was less than two square meters. There was a bed there. There was a lazy laptop table on the bed with a laptop, and a lock on the door.

In such a cramped space, the search could only be carried out alone by Lin Dongxue.

The area around the excavator could be called his home’s "yard". It had an old sofa, an iron bucket, and some old furniture that he had picked up.

The police found a lot of ashes in the iron bucket, which were later identified as a burnt wig, women's clothing, etc. They were probably the props he used to trap Zhang Xiao.

In addition, there were some paper ashes, which seemed to be photos or the like. Chen Shi also found a small piece of partially burnt printed paper with a string of numbers on it.

After investigation, it was learned that Zhang Xiao had designed a new recruitment poster for the PUA Association in mid-March, and carried it with him. Chen Shi guessed that he might have accidentally dropped this piece of paper at Duan Lin’s house by him and it was found by Little Four. Little Four, who definitely had some hacking skills, found them through the poster.

"Look at this!" Lin Dongxue crawled out of the excavator, holding a notebook in her hand. It was a diary. Based on the handwriting, it had been written by Duan Lin.

The contents of the diary were very trivial, and Lin Dongxue selected a few paragraphs to read out.

"...I was paid today so I got to have a good meal for once. I bought a box of Yangzhou fried rice and walked ahead. A boy had been following me, making me a little nervous. He had been staring at the food in my hands as if he hadn’t eaten for a long time. As if I was possessed, my heart went soft and I gave him the fried rice in my hands. He squatted on the side of the road and ate it with his hands. Looking at him was saddening. After he finished eating, he left without saying a word... It felt as though I had fed a stray dog.

"The boy appeared again today. He was waiting for me on my way home from work. I told himthatElderSister had nothing for him to eat. He ran over and stuffed a wad of crumpled small-denomination money[1] into my hands and ran away."

"I saw him again. It was strange. I was actually looking forward to it. He squatted there motionless, as if he was waiting for me. I smiled at him. He actually stood up and followed me. I actually let this stranger come into my house even though I don’t even know his name and gave him a bowl of instant noodles. We didn’t talk a lot, but it didn’t feel awkward. He ate it hungrily. I have never seen anyone eat instant noodles with such zest. After he finished eating, he went over and washed the dishes by himself. Then I heard the sound of the stove being turned on.

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