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When Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue were leaving the Public Security Bureau together, Xu Xiaodong caught up with them. "Brother Chen, last time you asked me to check the surveillance footage and I discovered something. On March 23rd, Duan Lin and an uncle walkedintothe housing district together. She was also helping the uncle carry his bags."

"What did the uncle look like?"

After Xu Xiaodong described him, Chen Shi said, "That’s Duan Lin's father."

"In that case, do I need to continue checking?"

"March 23rd? ... Haha, this discovery is very important, thank you!" Chen Shi patted Xu Xiaodong on the shoulder.

After Xu Xiaodong went back, Lin Dongxue said, "Uncle said he had arrived on the 24th, so he lied to us?"

"And the 23rdwas the day Duan Lin died..."

"Uncle was the man who dismembered the corpse?" Lin Dongxue raised her eyebrows.

"Isn't that a bit absurd? A father found his daughter dead and the first thing he did wasn’t to call the police. Instead, he chopped up his daughter and sent it to nine 'suspects'... I think based on his educational background and age, he wouldn’t be such a schemer."

"You don't know his educational background or experiences. His daughter committed suicide. He knows that it’s useless to call the police and can only obtain justice by himself."

"Then you think he was the one who killed Little Wei?"

"I noticed that the smartphone he was using is very new. He said that his daughter had traded up and given it to him, but is there a possibility that the phone belonged to Duan Lin?"

"If it was Duan Lin's cell phone, he should know who killed his daughter."

"This is just your hypothesis. Duan Lin's mobile phone may not have this clue. Maybe the person wanted to impose 'death control' on Duan Lin from the beginning, concealing all aspects of his true identity to prevent himself from being exposed later."

"Then the uncle got hold of thecell phone, found the nine people, chopped up his daughter and sent the parts to them to probe the identity of his daughter's boyfriend?" Chen Shi shook his head, "I keep feeling that there are many flaws with that."

"Then... we’ll investigate the background of the uncle first. You don’t oppose it, do you?"

"No objection. Let Xiaodong do it!" Chen Shi sent a text message to Xu Xiaodong, asking him to investigate Duan Dazhu's information and attached a "1" to it.

Xu Xiaodong replied, "Not ‘1’. I want ‘2’!"

"Okay, okay, ‘2’!"

Lin Dongxue asked curiously, "What does this mean?"

Chen Shi laughed and replied, "According to the secret code that Xiaodong and I set, ‘1’ stands for treating him to supper, and ‘2’ stands for treating him to dinner. It saves us the trouble of typing it out each time."

"You seem to be training a police dog, Pavlov?"[1]

"I think it's quiteappropriate to describeXiaodong as a police dog. This kid has good physical strength, strong execution ability, and a simple heart. I was thinking that if he

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