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"Miss Gu, Miss Gu..."


Lin Dongxue called out a few times before Gu You recovered from her daze. Lin Dongxue asked, "Can Chen Fengde's daughter still be found now?"

"I... I don't know. I haven't contacted her since then."

"How strange. Chen Fengde's file clearly doesn’t mention a single word about his daughter[1]." Lin Dongxue said to Chen Shi.

"Let's go upstairs and take a look!" Chen Shi was still thinking about it. "Let’s understand how this man became like this."

Although it felt impolite, since they were already here, Lin Dongxue agreed. Gu You said she would wait downstairs.

A wooden staircase led to the upper floor. There were several pairs of shoes under the stairs. It seemed that they needed to take off their shoes. So, the two took off their shoes and walked up to the attic.

It was a normal bedroom upstairs. The sunlight coming in from the window shone brightly there, and the floor was polished smoothly. The little girl who had talked to them was sitting cross-legged in front of the TV watching cartoons with relish. The volume wasn’t too loud, and there was a woman sitting on the bed next to her embroidering something. She was slightly surprised when someone came up.

Lin Dongxue thought to herself that the ambulance had just come and the movements were so loud, but the pair of mother and daughter didn't go downstairs to have a look?

"There’s nothing worth investigating. You guys should go! My husband went crazy like this a long time ago." The woman was very young, and she was probably the woman who had an affair with Liu Tao back then.

"Why not send him to a mental hospital? Why just torture yourselves like this at home?" Chen Shi went up, sat down cross-legged, glanced at the TV and said, "SpongeBob!"

The little girl was indifferent.

"Is the mental hospital a place where people should stay? Although my husband is crazy, he didn't go out to harm people, so staying at home isn’t so bad. The room below was given to him. He can do whatever he wants." The woman said with contempt.

"Do you have a job?" Lin Dongxue asked.

"We don’t, but we have savings. After his ex-wife died that year, he received a lot of insurance money... Don't look at me with that kind of look. Due to this incident, the police have constantly visited us. Her getting killed by a lunatic has nothing to do with my husband."

"A 'lunatic' named Chen Fengde? Has your husband mentioned this person before?"

"I have no impression of it."

"Has he ever said anything regarding a deep dream pool..." Chen Shi wondered why he was asking this. Actually, he was also very curious.

The woman tilted her head and thought about it. "He did have a 'supernatural power' previously and could control his dreams. He told me mysteriously that he could enter my dreams. On our third wedding anniversary, I said that I wanted to play in the Maldives. He said that we could go in our dreams without spending that money. At

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