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"How many proprietors does that board game bar have?" Chen Shi had found the building’s landlord after making several inquiries, and asked him.

"I remember that there is just one person. He’s a young guy who just graduated from university. Running a board game bar doesn't require much manpower. When customers come, they can play by themselves." The landlord replied.

"Do you have a picture of him?"

"Haha, why would I store a picture of a manin myphone... Oh, yes, I have his WeChat."

The landlord opened WeChat and showed Chen Shi the photo of the bar owner. Chen Shi nodded and said, "Can you try contacting him?"

The landlord called, then shrugged and said, "His phone has been turned off."

Chen Shi was silent for a moment, then continued to ask, "There is another question. Are there any other exits besides the front door?"

"Uh, there are no more exits."

After the landlord left, Chen Shi said, "The operator is about the same age as Little Four, and his build is about the same. I’m guessing he’s also being held hostage right now."

"Why would he kidnap an irrelevant person?" Lin Dongxue suddenly realized. "Is this the plan to cross the sea by a trick that you mentioned?"

"For example, starting a fire. When we rush in, there will be six corpses inside. Since we don’t have Little Four’s DNA data, we’re likely to believe that Little Four has been burned to death inside as well, while the real Little Four has escaped by other means."

Chen Shi observed the building again. An office building was opposite, while the other side was a parking lot and a road. The front door and windows of the board game bar were all closed. The police couldn’t observe the situation inside at all, let alone snipe at him. It was simply the best possible terrain for hostage-taking.

"That's not necessarily true. Even if we see six corpses, we will think that the owner was inside." Lin Dongxue objected.

"In that case, there are seven corpses. I'm pretty sure he hasn’t given up on himself, but is actively trying to survive." Chen Shi said, "Just in case, call a fire truck to stand by nearby!"

As night fell, the fire truck and the people from the branch office arrived. Lin Qiupu informed Lin Dongxue of the situation and also applied for a small SWAT team to be dispatched.

The expert negotiator from the SWAT team negotiated with Little Four through the door and asked for the hostage-taker’s request. However, Little Four behaved very negatively and kept trying to get rid of the expert negotiator. He said, "I want to talk to Officer Lin."

So Lin Dongxue went to the door and said, "Little Four, I'm here."

"I feel more at ease when I hear your voice." Little Four smiled from behind the door. "Officer Lin, I have a question for you. Do you have any particularly important people in your life? People that are so important that you can't bear to lose them."

Lin Dongxue didn't want to answer, but in order to stall for time

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