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On April 6th, Chen Shi received a text message from Lin Dongxue and rushed to the scene. The text message just said, "Little Wei is dead. It’s a tragic sight." Little Wei was one of the nine men who had come to the bureau a few days ago as "a guest".

Many policemen had already arrived at the scene of the crime, and there were some neighbors watching the commotion. This was an old-fashioned tube-shaped building. Chen Shi pushed his way through the crowd all the way to the door. At first glance, he saw a lot of bloody handprints on the wall. A man was lying on the floor and his entire right leg had been amputated. The blood that had spread all over the ground had already solidified.

The head of the deceased was facing the door, and the bloody handprints were in the opposite direction. There was indeed a lot of blood on his body, as well as on his hands, but from the shape of his hands, he didn’t leave those bloody handprints.

"Stop looking at them. The handprints are fake with a textile texture though the blood is real. The murderer must have stuffed a woman's glove with a sponge soaked in blood and used it like a stamp." Peng Sijue had already finished his inspection.

"Woman's glove?! To inform us that this is Duan Lin's revenge? Could the murderer be the dismemberer?" Chen Shi said.

"We just saw the corpse, so don't rush to judge." Lin Qiupu said.

"In that case, what did you call me here for?"

"I asked you to come here in order to see the scene with your own eyes, so that you won't ask again later."

"Okay, okay, I won't draw conclusions yet."

Chen Shi had always believed that Peng Sijue was more professional than him with respect to on-site surveys, and Lin Qiupu had always advocated for not omitting any details. With these two people at the scene, it was fine for him to just feel the atmosphere for himself.

Peng Sijue took a ruler to measure the length of the bloody handprint, and then retrieved a photo from the phone. When forensic pathologists took pictures of the corpse, they would put a colorful multifunctional measuring ruler next to it as a reference object. He said, "The size of the handprint is almost identical to Duan Lin’s hands."

"It really has something to do with Duan Lin." Chen Shi nodded.

The forensic police officers were taking pictures around the corpse. The deceased had several wounds from being beaten. There was a scratch on his forehead, and a small portion of a shoe print seemed to be visible. The right calf had been amputated from the knee. The cause of death was judgedpreliminarily to beexcessive blood loss. If a person had a limb amputated, they would die if they didn’t receive first aid within 15 minutes.

From the cross-section of the wound, the murderer had sawn off his leg with a saw and the knee-cap had been sawn-off directly. This was really cruel and most people wouldn’t be able to do it. There’s a patella on the knee, and cartilage under it. It’s not easy tosawi

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