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"The eighteenth floor is not easy to sell?" Lin Qiupu said, "Is it because the eighteenth floor reminds people of the Eighteen Levels of Hell? I have also bought a house before. I’ve heard that the 13th, 14th and 18th floors are unlucky. Odd numbers are considered yang, even numbers are considered yin and so on, but when people actually buy a house, it seems that nobody cares about these."

The saleswoman shook her head. "In fact, everyone still cares. Especially the middle-aged and the elderly, and some rural household buyers. I’ve seen more than one case in which only the 18th floor was left and unable to be sold.”

Chen Shi asked, "You said that this house is unique, but there are several units in this building. Shouldn't there be such a house on each floor?"

"The other floors are divided into three small houses on each floor to be sold. Only this unit is this large. In fact, this house was originally promised to the designer by the developer, but the designer immigrated abroad later, so we’re selling this house."

"How willful!"

"Sir, are you interested?"

"Haha, you’re very good at capturing business opportunities. How many people have taken a fancy to this house?"

"The house hasn’t officially been released for sale to the public yet, but there are several families that are planning to buy it. If you want it, you can make the intention payment now."

Chen Shi was thinking about it when he suddenly heard renovation noises coming from downstairs. He said, "Eh? There are people already living in this building?"

"Some houses have already been sold."

"That's weird. When it was released for sale, weren’t the units in the whole building put on sale together?"

"Well, as I just told you, this house was originally given to the designer by the developer. When it was released last time, the designer had gone abroad, so it was left until now to be released for sale with Phase C."

"In other words, this building only has this one house that has no owner."


"Can you please provide the names of the people who want to buy this unit?"

The sales lady was hesitant and said that this was a commercial secret. It wasn’t convenient to disclose the information and she needed to inform the manager.

The three returned to the sales department. After a while, a fat manager with an oily face came over to shake hands with them and said with a smile, "Sorry, we can't provide the name-list that you want, because the unit hasn’t been officially released for sale. We’re still unsure who definitely wants this house. It was all just verbally expressed. You also know that the people who come to view houses shop here and there. Nothing’s certain.”

Chen Shi said, "There are only a few hundred customers at most. You have dozens of salesmen. One person may serve a dozen or so customers. Every customer is followed-up with for a long time. How could it be unclear?"

"The salesmen aren’t all here right now. How ca

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