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Just after dawn, Lin Qiupu received a police report and sent several people to the scene.

The scene of the crime was a commercial street next to an old housing community. It was said to be a commercial street, but in fact, there weren’t many people around. It mainly consisted of tattoo, antique, vet, and other shops that weren’t afraid of not being busy. However, at the moment, there were a dozen people around the cordon. People talked a lot. "It's too pitiful like this.", "What's the matter?", "I’ve long since said that the security in this area isn’t good. Look, something has happened!"

"Okay, please don't look anymore. Please don't hinder us from handling the case." Xu Xiaodong told the crowd of onlookers. Most of them remained unmoved. A small number of people moved to the sidewalk and continued to watch.

The police had long been used to crowds watching when they were handling a case. As long as they weren’t photographed with their mobile phones, it’d be okay.

Peng Sijue was examining the corpses. The deceased were a man and a woman who were killed a few hours ago. Judging from the injuries, they were killed by a blunt weapon to the head. The man was fatally hit by a single blow, and the woman seemed to be hit in the back from behind and then a few times on the head. After a few hits, the entire head of the corpse had been severely deformed, and transparent cerebrospinal fluid flowed out of the broken skull. Some gray-white brain plasma could be seen in the gaps.

He noticed that the man's clothes were lifted up, revealing his back waist. They found mobile phones, wallets, and documents on their bodies. The man was named Song Quan, a local of Tiantai, 29 years old; the woman was named Cai Xiaoting, a local, 24 years old.

Many policemen couldn't stand this scene. Among the crowd of onlookers, some people ran to the side and vomited, wiped their mouths after vomiting, and then came back to look again. Their faces seem to have the expression implying “Don’t worry. After looking at it for a bit longer, the excitement will disappear.”

Peng Sijue covered the face of the deceased with a handkerchief, called his subordinates over, pointed out a few details, and asked them to take pictures one by one.

Lin Dongxue glanced at her phone. "The informant lives nearby. Captain Peng, I'll go there first."

"Okay, you go!"

Lin Dongxue called Xu Xiaodong to go to the nearby housing complex. There were no security guards there, only a small pavilion responsible for the ups and downs of the gate arm. There was currently nobody inside and outsiders could enter and leave at will.

"There’s surveillance." Xu Xiaodong pointed to it. There was indeed a camera hanging on the power pole next to it.

"Wait for someone to come later and then we’ll come and ask again!" Lin Dongxue said.

The two of them entered the unit building and got to the top floor. They knocked on the door a few times and a man's voice came from the i

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