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On November 5th, the case took a turn for the better. The wife of the deceased Zhang Haichang, Ji Hongmei, was found to have made a suspicious payment. Some witnesses also claimed that a suspicious man had been wandering around below Zhang Haichang’s building taking photos with a camera for a few days at the end of October.

The police summoned Ji Hongmei for questioning. Before entering the interrogation room, Lin Qiupu said to Chen Shi, "Look, you were overthinking it and thought that this case was complicated, but it’s as simple as the wife having hired a hitman."

"Such words should be left unsaid until after the interrogation. Saying it before the interrogation, aren’t you afraid that you’d lose face?”

"Haha, we’ll see who loses face... By the way, I ate the pork that you brought over that day. I had diarrhea. You didn't give it to Dongxue, did you?!"

"We ate it and nothing happened."

"Don't bring me food in the future. I don't like eating in the office!"

After finishing the conversation, Lin Qiupu walked into the interrogation room. When he had finished asking basic questions, he said, "Ms. Ji, we found a payment of 50,000 yuan under your bank account. Earlier, you have said that it was an instalment payment for a car, but we went to the car dealership and verified that this wasn’t the case. Do you have any explanation for this?"

"Do I have to explain? This is my private business." Ji Hongmei, who was wearing a red trench coat, frowned.

"Your husband and son were murdered, and you are the person who would profit the most from this. At this juncture, everything that you do must have a reasonable explanation."

"How funny, I profit? I’m not such a selfish and cold-blooded woman. Although our relationship as a married couple hasn’t been smooth over these past two years, I would definitely give a large part of his inheritance to his mother as support."

"Your relationship as a married couple wasn’t good?"

"Could you not think wild thoughts? We’ve been married for ten years. How else can a couple who’s been married for ten years be like? Isn’t the relationship just living together as companions?”

"I want you to explain where that 50,000 went."

Ji Hongmei knew that she couldn’t avoid accounting for the 50,000 yuan, and hesitated repeatedly. "I gave it to my ex-husband, Wang Zhenlong."

"Really? We can verify that now, but if you’re still lying, you might have to come back again. I suggest that you tell the truth."

Ji Hongmei kept plucking at the button on her sleeve, "Why do you sound as though you’re interrogating a murderer when you’re questioning me? Are you suspecting that I committed murder? How could I kill someone? I have never even thought of doing that!"

Lin Qiupu silently picked up the intercom and asked his subordinates to verify her statement. Ji Hongmei suddenly said, "Don't ask. I’ll tell you. I hired a private detective."

"Private detectives aren’t that expensive."

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