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After Gong Jianqin left, Lin Qiupu said, "She’s really a kind girl."

"Don't just look at appearances!" Chen Shi said, "Let me remind you; If you want to investigate, everyone in the sales department has to be investigated once. They are the ones who have the easiest access to customer information, including this girl."

"You don't need to teach me this kind of thing!"

"I'm leaving. I don't have anything to do today. I’ll go home, buy vegetables and cook..." Chen Shi exhorted him as he left, "Remember to pay for the tea."

The next day, Lin Qiupu told all the members of the second team about these matters and analyzed the information of the previous three cases. The first was the surveillance footage. The surveillance retained by the police had captured a black-clothed person entering and leaving the scene. However, he was wearing loose clothes as well as a hat, and the camera's resolution was too low. It was impossible to distinguish any specific characteristics of the murderer. They couldn’t even tell if it was a man or a woman. It could be seen that the murderer was good at evading investigation.

The deceased Mr. Qin in the first case had gotten the back of his head smashed in the parking lot of a shopping mall. He was then pushed under the car by the murderer, so the corpse was only found on the fourth day when the body started to stink.

The murderer was committing a crime for the first time and seemed a little nervous. Some fingerprints and footprints were found at the scene. The footprints were size 38. It could be seen that the size 39 footprints that had appeared in Zhang Haichang's house were the result of deliberately wearing larger-sized shoes to obscure the facts.

In the second case, the deceased Mr. Li had been killed at home. After injecting an excessive amount of thiopental into him, the murderer had taken off his clothes and burned him in the bathroom. They had also sprinkled a lot of toilet cleaner on the deceased, seemingly to remove any evidence.

Undigested steak, red wine, vegetables and other foods were found in the deceased’s stomach. According to the meal-ordering hotline that the deceased had called before his death, he had ordered a set meal for two people. It was speculated that he had dinner with the murderer.

Since more than half a year had passed since the two cases happened, the only evidence on hand were these. At that time, the branch offices had also investigated the interpersonal relationships of the victims, but did not expect their deaths to be related to a house.

Hearing this, Chen Shi said, "I was thinking that the murderer had entered and left the scene all wrapped up in professional assassin's clothing, but could they have entered the deceased’s house dressed like this? If an acquaintance came to my house dressed like this, I would definitely be suspicious. I think the murderer changed their clothes after passing through the surveillance area. Another point is that the

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