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In the quiet interrogation room, Gong Jianqin slowly said, "In the beginning, it was just a house in my eyes. Of course, I also liked it very much. Its layout is so perfect. The living room is always full of sunshine. I really wanted to live there. Occasionally, when I was mistreated by clients or managers and needed to vent, I’d run up alone and sit on the balcony to watch the clouds. This became my secret little house. I talked to myself about my troubles. It just listened. Gradually, if I didn’t go there every day, I would feel uncomfortable. If I didn’t see it, my inner anxiety was like that of a smoker without cigarettes or an alcoholic without alcohol. As soon as I walked into its clean living room, I would calm down soon after...”

"I spent more and more time there. I touched every wall and kissed every floor. I even made love with it. Of course, from your viewpoint, it’s just masturbation with toys stuck onto the wall, but that feeling was wonderful. I was in it, it was in me..." Gong Jianqin said this as if she was intoxicated, like a girl passionately in love. She said with red cheeks, "Even when I think about it now, I would suddenly get wet."

"Ahem, don't talk about your objectophilia in detail. It sounds disgusting to listen to!" Lin Qiupu interrupted.

"Don't use that word to address me!!!" Gong Jianqin's expression changed drastically, and she roared violently. She, who was slender and petite, shook the interrogation chair with her anger. "Never use that word to define me. You guys don't understand anything,don't understand anything!"

This was blatantly threatening the police. Lin Qiupu wanted to say something, but Chen Shi gestured to stop him.

Chen Shi said, "Do you know what I think about objectophilia?"

Gong Jianqin nodded calmly and listened. Lin Qiupu wondered why Chen Shi could talk about it but he couldn’t. What kind of differential treatment was this?

"I think that is love!" Chen Shi said, "What kind of thing is love? To make it clear, it may be just a cocktail of several chemicals in our brain. It’s a feeling. This feeling would appear when you meet the right person. If that person is of the same sex, an animal, something, or even themselves, is this feeling wrong? I don’t think anyone can call it wrong. Love is love, no matter who or what the love is directed towards."

"Thank you for your understanding!" Gong Jianqin nodded, crying.

"Actually, I had thought of this possibility suddenly. I couldn't believe it, so I set up a scheme to infuriate you. It turned out that I was right."

"I love it more than anything else! Even if I read its name, 1818, my heart would tremble!" Gong Jianqin said, "So whenever I saw a customer coming in, leaving dirty footsteps on its floor, pointing here and there, saying how they would decorate it in the future, as if they were talking about an item, I would have anger well up in my heart! Thinking of what this place would be like in the future, having ch

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