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The fingerprints on the deceased’s clothes weren’t easy to extract. It took quite some time. Chen Shi took this opportunity to meet Zhou Xiao in the interrogation room. Zhou Xiao said impatiently, "How many times do you have to question me? Once one person finishes asking, you’ll change to another person!"

"I won't ask about those things. I want to ask something else." Chen Shi took out the picture Xu Xiaodong gave him and asked, "Is this 'tyrant' very much like the murderer?"

Zhou Xiao was taken aback for a moment and nodded. "It's a bit similar. What's the matter?"

"Have you been playing Resident Evil recently?"

"Hmm... I played the remake of Resident Evil 2 for a while."

"I suspect that your memory is contaminated. The murderer must not look like this. Zhou Xiao, did you have such a bad memory previously?"

"No, when I was a child, I had a good memory and I’d memorize text super fast. Then, I got depression and my memory got worse..."

"Depression wouldn't cause you to live in a mental hospital."

"What? You investigated me?"

"Your parents told us."

As soon as he heard the word "parents", Zhou Xiao's expression became a bit resentful, indicating that their family relationship wasn’t very good. He said loudly, "My parents don't love me at all. Ever since my brother was born, their attention all went to my younger brother. They’d only give me my younger brother’s leftovers or things he didn’t like. Have you ever seen this kind of fucking thing? I met my first girlfriend when I was in university, but we didn’t get along well. She always blamed me for being inattentive, bad-tempered, and insecure, but what can I do? I came out of such a family so I can only have such an ugly character. I hated myself too. After we broke up, I got depressed. My parents threw me into a mental hospital... That place was scarier than prison. They fed me medicine every day. The more you take the medicine, the worse your brain gets. The other patients were like this every day..." Zhou Xiao put on a dazed smile. "Just like this. They went stupid from taking so much medicine. I hated them every day I was there!"

"This kind of thing is very helpless. People cannot choose their own parents."

"Parents are evil!" Zhou Xiao said through gritted teeth.

Chen Shi suddenly thought that everyone who used to sit on that interrogation chair had four big characters hanging on their heads - Family misfortune. A family’s evils breeds big social evils, which could only make people hold their heads and sigh.

Chen Shi pulled a chair in front of Zhou Xiao and said in a conversational tone, "No matter how you were in the past, you have become what you are now. Accept yourself! Leaving the family is better than any magical medicine."

"You’re right. Although I’m alone in Long'an right now and don't make much money, I’m very free and happy... If only I could find a girlfriend." Zhou Xiao smiled.

"Find one! Two people being together

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