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Volume 40: Love The House

“In the barren outskirts, a child’s remains were found. Who could have killed the 10-year-old child so cruelly?

A kidnapping case shattered the formerly happy and blissful family. The father became terminally ill and the mother bathed her face in tears all day long..

The police analyzed it layer by layer to find out the truth and discovered an astounding inside story. A wrong encounter a decade ago actually caused today's tragedy. Behind all this, was it moral distortion or a loss of humanity?!"

In the conference room, everyone was watching a legal program expressionlessly. The case mentioned was the case of Hao Jie’s mother which had previously been solved by the second team. After the artistic processing of the TV station, accompanied by eerie music that tortured the soul and also baffling images, it made everyone’s scalp crawl.

"Stop, stop, stop!" Lin Qiupu said, "Don’t add random drama for the police, okay? Who came up with those inner monologues? And this entire case-solving process was completely inconsistent with the facts!"

The program director said with a smile, "Police officer, this is to add some drama. The audience likes this kind of thing. If it was totally based on the facts, then we simply need to take the case file and read it out. It’s all for the ratings! This case is complicated enough and it also easily arouses sympathy. I believe the response will be good."

Lin Dongxue said, "Do you have to add this kind of cliché every time? What "moral distortion of human nature"? I only find it laughable when I hear this sentence now."

The director shrugged, "Beauty, have you seen Peking Opera? Is Peking Opera realistic? It isn’t! The things on the stage are a little more exaggerated in order to catch people's attention. The same is true for TV shows. Otherwise, who would watch it? This is the routine. I admit that it’s a bit hackneyed, but if there was no such routine, it’d feel wrong. It’s the same as eating sushi without wasabi. The teacher who wrote the script is very experienced. He’s worked with China Central Television before and there’s no problem with the script."

"My surname is Lin, not ‘Beauty’."

"Okay, Beauty Lin."

Xu Xiaodong raised his hand, "I just want to say one thing. I think that the content you edited is a bit too partial towards Hao Jie's mother. It seems to imply that the victims were guilty. Since the deceased were a mistress and her illegitimate child, it seems as though Hao Jie’s mother was very innocent. This is very bad. The woman was crazy. We’ve all seen her. She wasn’t so wronged and helpless."

"We can change this. You only saw the trial broadcast version. Not the official version." The director pretended to accept the suggestion humbly. "Captain Lin, how do you think it looks overall?"

"Just leave it like that!" Lin Qiupu sighed helplessly. It was just a 20-minute lunchtime legal program. He felt that there was no need for them to

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