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Gong Jianqin glanced at her watch. The thiopental sodium in the coffee should have already taken effect.

Without saying anything to anyone, she quietly left the sales office, took out a black bag from the fire-fighting cabinet in the corner, and walked into the underground parking lot by the elevator corridor. She emptied out her coat, hat, mask, folding knife, and gloves from the bag. She quickly tied up her hair, stuffed it into the hat, checked the edge, and made sure that no hair was exposed.

Then she put on gloves, mask and coat. She looked like an ordinary maintenance worker.

She tested the sharpness of the blade. She was determined to kill. Originally, she had planned to stop after she killed three people in succession and alarmed the police. However, she couldn't bear it. The man surnamed Chen had actually done such a thing. He should pay the price for his arrogance.

Staring at the blade, she hesitated. If a police consultant dies in the parking lot of the sales office, the police will inevitably shift their attention here, and they will invest more resources and energy in investigating.

But she had to do it!

Gong Jianqin walked softly into the parking lot and searched everywhere. At that moment, there were no outsiders in the parking lot. She finally saw Chen Shi sitting in a Porsche with the door open, slumped in the driver's seat and fast asleep.

"You asked for it!" she whispered.

She gradually approached Chen Shi, stretched her left hand towards his head, and reached under his neck with the knife in her right hand. At that moment, an electric current flowed through her body, and she screamed, instinctively trying to avoid it.

The other party didn’t give her this opportunity and continued to stab her body with a stun gun. Gong Jianqin fell to the ground, her body stiffened due to the electric shock, and she kept twitching. She turned her head angrily. The person who ambushed her was actually the young girl who had been brought to view the house by the man surnamed Chen that day.

The stun gun had been prepared by Chen Shi in advance, and Tao Yueyue was using it for the first time. She had just hid in the dark and watched the woman approaching Chen Shi. Her heart was beating like a drum, but she still waited for the best time to rush out.

The murderer collapsed. Tao Yueyue didn’t stop there. She put the stun gun on her opponent’s neck and kept shocking her. Gong Jianqin screamed loudly. The electrical power seemed to be running out. Tao Yueyue, who was afraid her opponent would resist, dropped the stun gun immediately and picked up a belt, which she had removed from Chen Shi's body. From behind, she strangled Gong Jianqin's neck and pressed her knees against her spine.

Gong Jianqin brandished her knife in pain but couldn't slash Tao Yueyue at all. Tao Yueyue calmly counted, "One, two, three, four..."

It takes fifteen seconds to cause a person to fall into a coma. This is what Gu You h

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