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Volume 41: Fellow Sufferers Empathize With Each Other

On November 11th at 4:00 in the morning, the housing district was completely dark. Only one window was still lit with a lonely light.

The otaku Little Zhou was drinking Diet Coke with a cigarette in his hand and facing the screen. A hot, domestic TV series was being broadcasted. When he saw a funny clip, Little Zhou rewound the footage and opened the screenshot software. This whole snippet was saved as a GIF and he tapped away on the keyboard to add some text.

His profession wasn’t a normal one in the eyes of his parents and elders. Little Zhou specialized in making online emojis and selling them on major chat platforms. He couldn’t be considered a leader in the industry, and his monthly income could only just allow him to scrape by with the rent and basic life expenses.

He was also a young man with dreams. He wanted to earn enough money to be an illustrator. He occasionally drew a few things with a drawing board, flipped through the books on the introduction of illustrations, and posted his works online for others to appreciate.

However, the gap between his dreams and reality was still too wide. At the moment, he was exhausted just by living in a different place. He was already used to such a life.

There was the sound of a quarrel outside which made him uneasy. He went to the balcony to see that there was a man and a woman arguing below. There were only these two people on the empty street, like two actors standing on an empty stage.

The woman shouted herself hoarse. "You're a scumbag! You’re a scumbag!" As she yelled this sentence, she acted exactly like she was the God of Songs. The man yelled out, "She was the one who took the initiative to seduce me. I just made a mistake any man would have made."

Aiya, aiya, it was a drama people enjoyed watching again. Little Zhou simply lay on his balcony and watched the commotion with a smile.

After lots of arguing, a sneaky figure came out from the corner with a big construction sledgehammer in hand. Anticipating what would happen, Little Zhou's smile instantly solidified on his face.

The black shadow walked behind the couple, picked up the sledgehammer, and smashed the man to the ground. Little Zhou was so frightened that he covered his mouth. He untimely thought of a GIF he saw on the Internet. Someone violently used a stick to smash a pig's head. The pig fell to the ground, its limbs stretched straight, and it kept twitching. The man who fell on the ground at the moment was exactly the same as the pig in the animation.

The woman received a huge shock and didn't even have time to scream. The shadow picked up the sledgehammer again, and the woman instinctively ran away with a sharp scream. Then, she was hit in the spine and fell to the ground.

The shadow lifted the sledgehammer high above themself and smashed it on the woman as if kneading rice cakes until she stopped moving.

Little Zhou was so f

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