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Hearing this, Lin Qiupu was excited, and asked, "Where did you find this out?"

"I made trips to the branch offices and there was a case that hasn’t been solved recently in each jurisdiction. The earliest case was in June last year. The deceased, who was surnamed Qin, had been planning to buy a house and get married. After the house went onto the market, he bought this house, but was killed the next day. The back of his head had been smashed with a hammer, and the murderer had faked it to look like a robbery. All the valuables on his body were taken away. As there was no payment made, the house was left to be released with Phase B. The sale opening of Phase B was launched in April this year. Mr. Li was also killed by myocardial infarction before he made payment due to the injection of excessive anesthetic. The anesthetic that had been injected by the murderer was thiopental. Then this case happened. However, this time, the murderer took action a little early. I suspect that it was because Zhang Haichang intended to make payment for the house in full and the murderer couldn’t wait any longer."

"The methods were all different."

"The murderer doesn’t want to be treated as a serial killer with the cases being investigated together. Otherwise, the commonality of the three groups of victims would be exposed. They only wanted to kill people and keep this house forever. Maybe the murderer wants to buy it but is temporarily unable to come up with the money to do so for some reason. Or, perhaps the murderer wants to lower the price of this house in this way by scaring away other buyers, just like the murderer’s motive in Dream Home.

"How did you find out? Did you use illegal means again?"

Knowing that concealing this matter would become a hidden problem in the future, Chen Shi euphemistically stated, "When I went to buy the house, I took a glance at the customer information while they weren’t paying attention and then checked them one by one. From this, I can see that their customer information isn’t difficult to obtain."

"You remembered everything at a glance? Are you a genius?"

"A genius with a USB stick." Chen Shi smiled.

Lin Qiupu raised a finger, "Fortunately, you aren’t a policeman. Otherwise, I’d have to ask you to write a self-criticism report!"

Chen Shi shrugged. "If you don't check it like this, how long would the investigation take? Or, how many people will have to die before the police will realize this motive? You also know that if there are ideas in my head, they will be put into practice immediately."

"I’ll call everyone to gather now and have a meeting!"

"No, I have an appointment with the sales lady. Let's talk to her first and learn more about the situation."

Lin Qiupu informed everyone that they need not follow up with the clues on hand for the time being. He went with Chen Shi to a tea house. The saleswoman hadn’t arrived yet. They ordered tea and snacks. The tea house had been selected b

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