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Chen Shi said, "When I buy this house, you should terminate the rental of your current house. Just move in here with me. To be honest, I think it is not worthwhile for you to rent a house. You only sleep there every day and when you work overtime, the time you spend there is even shorter. In addition, you have to pay two thousand yuan a month."

Lin Dongxue said, "What I buy with the two thousand yuan is a sense of security. Even when outside, I feel more at ease knowing I have a place to go back to."

"Look, how about treating this as your home?! You can choose any of the three bedrooms."

Lin Dongxue thought to herself. Was this an official proposal for cohabitation? The current relationship between the two was progressing, and it was normal to live together, but she wanted more than that. She tactfully said, "I hope this place can really become my own home."

"Haha, then treat it as your home."

Lin Dongxue furrowed her brows secretly. Didn't he understand what she meant? She had to muster up her courage to say those words. Just when she was about to express her dissatisfaction, someone came in.

Gong Jianqin discovered that there were people in the house and stood at the door in a daze for a moment, before displaying a professional smile, "Mr. Chen, are you looking at the house again?"

"No, I'm here to investigate the case today and I just came up to have a look on my way."

"I know. A lot of police officers came to the sales department."

"You came just at the right time. I have something to ask you. The police found that Zhang Haichang's cell phone contained a lot of messages sent to you, all with that kind of provocative content. He also said several times that he wanted to invite you to dinner. Did you agree?"

"How could I agree?! He’s a married man, and he’s so old."

"But you didn't seem to have explicitly refused."

"This is the difficulty in our line of work. Some buyers always make some unreasonable demands, but in order to sell the house, we can only perfunctorily assuage them. I have encountered this kind of harassment many times. Although I don’t feel very comfortable inside, I’m already used to it." After that, she glanced at Lin Dongxue, as if looking for understanding.

Lin Dongxue glanced at her phone. "Captain Lin is looking for me. I’ll go down first."

She walked to the elevator and pricked her ears to listen to what Chen Shi was saying. Chen Shi was actually asking, "Miss Gong, have you ever slept with a buyer?"

"Is this kind of question also for the investigation?"

"I'm curious!"

Lin Dongxue gritted her teeth with anger, entered the elevator and pressed the button fiercely, sulking with her arms crossed all the way.

In the room, Gong Jianqin shook her head. "I have principles and won’t have excessive dealings with my clients..."

Chen Shi stared into her eyes and ascertained that she was lying. It was enough to get this answer.

Gong Jianqin asked, "Mr. C

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