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In the evening, everyone sat around the conference table without eating or drinking. Everyone was immersed in today's failure.

"The defense was so strict, but Zhou Tiannan still succeeded!" Lin Qiupu sighed.

Old Zhang said, "I think Zhou Tiannan's original plan was dismantled by us. He spontaneously arranged Yan Ke to switch the poisoned eye drops and chucked him out as a scapegoat."

Chen Shi shook his head. "I’ve said it a thousand times. It wasn’t switched by Yan Ke. I’m certainly not defending him. I hate Yan Ke more than you guys, but the fact is the fact. Besides, Yan Ke just escaped legal sanctions. Would he do a task that would put him in jail? The tasks assigned to these people by Zhou Tiannan must all look harmless so that they’d be willing to perform them."

"That's not necessarily the case!" Lin Qiupu argued, "Didn’t we speculate that Zhou Tiannan holds something over all these people? He could have threatened Yan Ke to poison the victim."

"Yan Ke is a coward. If he really falls into this dilemma, he would run away."

"Why did Zhou Tiannan arrange such a meaningless task then?" Lin Qiupu said.

Old Zhang said, "It's not meaningless. Didn’t the appearance of Yan Ke lead Old Chen away? Maybe a second person took advantage of this opportunity... Could it be someone from the bodyguards?"

"Impossible. We’ve verified the identities of the bodyguards before and after. They belong to the same company and know each other. The chances of mixing in with them by wearing a bodyguard uniform is impossible in reality."

Lin Dongxue said, "But it’s feasible to pretend to be a reporter. The reporters don't know each other and most of the sponsors don't know them... I think the real murderer was among the reporters."

Lin Qiupu came up with a list. "I’ve written down all the reporters at the scene. We’ll verify them one by one!"

Chen Shi said, "Why did Qu Jingli have to pay?"

"That money isn’t necessarily Zhou Tiannan's. Their company has a lot of account expenditures. It may be other expenses." Lin Qiupu said.

"I'll check out the crime scene!"

"I’ll go too!" Lin Dongxue said.

The two went to the scene of the incident during the day. The hotel had already returned to a state of peace. Chen Shi parked the car nearby and stared at the hotel entrance for a long time. Lin Dongxue said, "There wouldn’t be any clues here, right? Would you like to go in?"

"No, I was thinking... after the first murder, the police would surely guess his method. It would have been almost impossible for Zhou Tiannan to succeed with the same technique. How did he do it?"

"The key is still in the bottle of eye drops."

At this time, the hotel was clearing out the garbage. Chen Shi walked over and said a few words to the staff, and they left behind a large bag of garbage.

He found an area that didn’t affect traffic, dumped the garbage out, and looked inside. Lin Dongxue didn't know what he was looking for, but st

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