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Everyone went their own way. Lin Qiupu considered the case while facing the whiteboard full of photos alone in the meeting room. After momentary peace, the director came back and leaned against the door frame. “Captain Lin, the master you talked about isn’t at home.”

"Why wouldn’t he be home?"

"There was only someone with a fierce attitude who had turned up at the door to collect debts. He even asked us where the person surnamed Chen is. We don't know either!"

Lin Qiupu thought that it was most likely Chen Shi playing tricks again. The director noticed the crime scene photos on the whiteboard and ran in excitedly. His eyes gleamed, "Hey, is this the case that you talked about? Wow, they really had their throats cut. Ah! Master cameraman, come in and take a picture. Captain Lin, can we please trouble you to strike a thinking posture against the whiteboard?”

"No, no, you can’t take photos of these!" Lin Qiupu blocked the whiteboard with his body.

"The chief has asked you guys to fully cooperate with us, so you should cooperate with us. We won’t use these immediately after shooting them. We will censor these bloody photos as well. Please."

"You really can't take photos!" Lin Qiupu begged hard, and there was a feeling that he was a scholar who had met up with soldiers. Amidst the panic, he redirected the misfortune elsewhere again. "Go to the forensics department. They’re conducting an autopsy. There must be something that you want to shoot there."

"Let's take a picture here first!"

"You can’t do that…”

Lin Qiupu finally got rid of them after a lot of struggle. He quickly collected the information and prepared to go back to the office to hide from them. After opening the door, he found Chen Shi sitting on his chair. "Are you playing with me?! We agreed at the beginning that my name wouldn’t be made public. You actually sent reporters to me?!"

"Who let you in?"

"I let myself in!"

"You’ve been playing MIA so happily these past two days. You’re not coming over even though there’s a new case.”

Chen Shi smiled. "Your second team is too dependent on me right now. You used to struggle by yourself previously. You don’t even do that anymore. Captain Lin, if you think you don’t have the skills, just say so clearly. I’ll rush over every time you have a case.”

Lin Qiupu was speechless facing his retort and glanced back. The cameraman was collecting source materials everywhere. He closed the door.

"It's not like we don’t pay you as a consultant. Your current income is higher than mine. There’s nothing to complain about."

Chen Shi shrugged. "Okay, okay, thank you for always thinking about giving me the opportunity to make money. By the way, why did you bring in the reporters?"

"They’re from the TV station. The chief said that he wanted to publicize a positive image of the police. These two days have been a headache and the case hasn’t been solved properly.

"Let me see!"

Lin Qiupu handed

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