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Chen Shi returned home in a trance. Tao Yueyue had not gone to sleep yet. She was using Premiere on her computer. Chen Shi asked her what she was doing. She said, "Making a small video for a speech. Small environmental protection experts. It’s a boring activity at school."

Chen Shi glanced at her and smiled. "You’re doing so well. Wouldn’t this make the other children’s unpresentable?"

"They can learn it too!" Tao Yueyue stared at the screen intently, adjusting the sound source.

Chen Shi took out some alcohol from the cupboard, poured a glass, and drank half of it in one go. The hot alcohol burned his esophagus and his brain immediately had a paralyzing pleasure. If he didn’t drink a glass, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight.

Sometimes, he needed alcohol to slow down his brain, and he unconsciously became infected with the habit of drinking.

After sitting silently on the sofa for a while, Chen Shi took out a packet of Yuxi which he didn't want to throw away when he quit smoking. He put one in his mouth, but couldn't find where the lighter was.

A flame leaned over. Tao Yueyue knelt on the sofa, holding a lighter in her hand.

Chen Shi lit it and inhaled. Tao Yueyue asked, "Uncle Chen, are you in a bad mood today?"

"Something happened."

"Bad things?"

"It can't be said that it’s bad, but the impact was too great... A bad guy died. It was an old opponent. They suddenly died and I should obviously be happy, but my heart is empty."

"It's like losing your goal?"

"Haha, I'm not too sure either."

Tao Yueyue took out a cigarette and tried to light it. She exhaled and looked at the cigarette. "I don't know what’s so good about this thing."

"Ahem, don't learn this."

"I didn't breathe it in my lungs."

"Let's put it out together! I shouldn't smoke."

Chen Shi took out the ashtray from under the table and the two put out the cigarettes together. Then, Chen Shi threw the remaining packet away. He drank the remaining alcohol in one go. "I’m going to bed. You should go to bed early as well.”

"Uncle Chen!" Tao Yueyue reminded him.

"That's right, that’s right." Chen Shi gave her a hug and patted her head. "Show me the video when it’s ready!”

"Be a little happier. I don't want to see you always frowning." Tao Yueyue whispered.

Waking up the next morning, Tao Yueyue had already gone to school. Chen Shi neither drove his taxi service nor went to the bureau. He wandered around the housing community and ate breakfast. The young people all went to work. Only the old people were walking around on the streets. The sun was nice and it felt like the time had slowed down.

After eating, he considered where to go next. He suddenly found that he didn't seem to have a hobby. The way he passed the time was to cook and drink alcohol.

Today, there seemed to be a movie with good reviews. He was going to watch it alone.

At this time, Lin Qiupu called and asked, "Why have

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