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The sounds lasted for a while, and Chen Shi was a little embarrassed to hear them. This voice echoed throughout the corridor, and there seemed to be faint crying in between. Gong Jianqin was calling someone's name softly, but it couldn’t be heard clearly. It was probably the man who was with her at the moment.

Strangely, the other person's voice wasn’t heard during the whole process, and even in the final stage, the man was very silent.

Then everything calmed down and silence enveloped the entire floor. Could someone be dating her here, and that person had waited here beforehand?

Was he a tenant from another floor of this building who had quietly come out without telling his wife?

Half an hour passed, and there was no sign of activity during the period. Chen Shi suspected that she had already left. Of course, this was impossible, because he was keeping watch on the stairs. If she had entered the elevator, the light in the elevator would have illuminated the entire floor.

He decided to go down first and drove the car parked outside to a nearby supermarket. This was the route Gong Jianqin had to take to go home.

Sitting alone in the car, the cigarette that Xu Xiaodong had given him yesterday was still under the windshield. Chen Shi picked it up, prepared to light it, and stopped himself in the end. He texted Lin Dongxue, "Sorry, I had a bad attitude. Please give me the opportunity to apologize in person!"

The rock sunk to the bottom of the ocean. There was no reply.

He texted Peng Sijue. "Are you off work?"

Peng Sijue returned a "1”. The meaning was unknown.

"Come over later. I’ll invite you to eat steak and drink red wine!"

"State the matter directly!"

"Old Tsundere!" Chen Shi smiled as he grumbled. After waiting for a long time, Gong Jianqin's car passed by and Chen Shi drove back to the sales office.

Back in the building from just now, he walked into House 1818. He used his mobile phone as a flashlight and looked for clues on the ground. He only found a pool of liquid and collected some of it with the cotton swabs and specimen collection bottles that he carried with him.

There was a circular mark on the wall one meter above the ground. It was unknown how it had been left behind.

After pondering over it for a long time, Chen Shi walked into the elevator which had a surveillance system installed. He went directly to the property manager and asked for the surveillance video. It turned out that Gong Jianqin had gone upstairs and came downstairs alone. Before and after, except for Chen Shi, no one else had been to the 18th floor.

With all kinds of doubts, Chen Shi went back to the bureau to look for Peng Sijue. By that time, everyone had gotten off work, and Peng Sijue was sitting in the laboratory, using the computer.

Chen Shi said, "Help me test something."

"You said you wanted to treat me, but I waited for you until 9:00."

"Sorry, I was investigating the case."


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