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Volume 39: Split Crime

On October 19th, Chen Shi, Gu You, kk and Sun Zhen sat in the office. Everyone was called together because there was something important to talk about.

"Remember Yi Qing's case? The police found the company sponsoring the orphanage is Dahong Group from this city. The current chief and vice executive officers are twins named Qu Jing’an and Qu Jingli. A few years ago when the company didn’t belong to them, there were successive cases of mysterious disappearances of upper-level personnel from within the company. The Qu brothers took advantage of the low stock price to buy a large number of shares and became a major shareholder. They quickly took control of the Dahong Group. These past few years, they kept pushing aside their company’s veterans and purchasing shares in-house. They’re already firmly in the top spot."

Gu You said, "These two names are very unfamiliar. They don’t seem like our ‘old friends.’ Do you suspect that Zhou Tiannan is secretly assisting them?"

"The possibility is very high because it is the period when the serial killer under the pseudonym "Zhou Xiao" was most active. The police simply didn’t have enough personnel to investigate the case of the Dahong Group. Drawing attention to other things has always been Zhou Tiannan's specialty. The police are currently focusing the investigation on Dahong Group. Their suspicious activities are even more exaggerated. Captain Lin believes that Dahong Group may be supporting Zhou Tiannan behind the scenes, but they don’t have a clean background themselves. As a rapidly rising young company, they hid many shady activities. This provided the police with a reason to investigate them."

Sun Zhen raised his hand. "Isn’t that too roundabout? In order to investigate Zhou Tiannan, why not just investigate him directly?"

"There’s no evidence. Please, the police are subject to the law and cannot investigate a citizen casually." kk said, "I say that I should just follow him whenever he goes out and then push him really hard onto the road all of a sudden. Then, all the troubles are solved. Why make it so bothersome?”

Chen Shi said, "If we can't interrogate and sentence Zhou Tiannan, it doesn't have any meaning. He’s the spiritual leader of 'Black Honey', and he has many ruthless characters underneath him such as Ling Shuang. Also, we can't do anything to him right now. We can only slowly dig around him. If we make him fall down suddenly, the gang of evil people under him will go out of control."

"It's like a tumor. Hastily removing it would bring worse results," Gu You commented.

"It's so troublesome!" kk complained. "It's not me who’s saying this, but your justice methods are totally useless when dealing with this kind of scum. He’s unreasonable. All the ideas inside him are evil."

"Last time I asked you to follow that teacher, did you find anything?" Chen Shi asked.

kk took a few photos from the drawer and threw them on the coffee tabl

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