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Chen Shi’s smile vanished and he gazed sternly at Yan Ke’s eyes. “The mastermind behind the scenes directed you to do this, right? Has he promised you that even if the police suspected you, there wouldn’t be any evidence to arrest you, because his magic is boundless, and he can make people who are already dead stand up, talk and die the next day? But he wouldn’t have helped you for nothing. If you don’t have money to give him, he must want you to do something for him. You need to know that agreeing to his terms is to be truly consigned to eternal damnation!"

Facing Chen Shi's questioning, Yan Ke was so scared that he even fell off his chair. He gasped as if he was facing a fierce beast, and then covered up his panic with anger, "This is intimidation. This is intimidation. I want to sue you guys!"

"That’s enough from you. Do you really dare to do so?" Chen Shi sat back down. "It's not a formal interrogation right now. All our conversations are informal. I am just reminding you that there are no good outcomes if you make deals with the devil."

Yan Ke wanted to talk but stopped again, fearing that a single word would also let the cat out of the bag. He pretended to say angrily, "I can't understand what you’re saying, is it your style to frame innocent people?"

"Well okay, Mr. Yan, I believe we will meet again."

After leaving the school, Lin Dongxue reproached Chen Shi, "You went overboard just now."

"Sorry, I was a little out of control."

"I know you hate evil!" Lin Dongxue smiled. "Do you really suspect him?"

"What about you?"

"About ninety percent!"

Teacher Liu came up and asked, "Yo, you two, are you still investigating the case? I would like to ask when the office will be cleared? We have been squeezing with other teachers in their offices over the past two days, or we would have to correct homework in the classroom. It’s too inconvenient."

"We’re really sorry. The forensic police will come over again this afternoon and review it. It should be available for you guys to use tomorrow."

"That’s great. By the way, is there any progress in the case?"

"This is not something convenient to disclose."

"Just reveal a little. What percentage has been investigated? 30, 60 or 90?"

Chen Shi smiled and shook his head. "Investigating the case is not the same as completing work. Sometimes, when a clue appears, it’s 100%, and before this clue appears, it’s 0%."

"This means that there’s currently no key clues yet?"

"By the way, I have something to ask you. Do you live alone?"

"Yes, I do. I live in an apartment near the school. Just above the window with the ‘XX Tutoring School’ billboard."

"Does the school worker who provided the eyewitness testimony live alone as well?"

"Old Zhang? He’ll sleep in the duty room if he’s on duty at night. So of course he’s alone."

Chen Shi thought for a while and asked again, "Let me ask some unimportant questions. Did you have any special experien

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