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Li Xiang took Chen Shi downstairs and went to another unit in a different apartment building. The apartment was too clean and tidy, even lacking in human presence. Chen Shi often cooked and ccould feel it when he walked into the house. The owner of this house must not usually cook.

"You live here?"

"This is also my aunt's house. Strictly speaking, it is my younger cousin’s. Because I work in Long'an, my aunt rented the house to me. When my cousin comes back from studying abroad, I will move out... Do you smoke?"

"No, thanks! Did your aunt's funeral already take place?"

"It's done. She’s already buried and resting in peace. It's really a tragedy that this happened." Li Xiang shook his head with a sigh.

"Did the police not recommend an autopsy?"

"They told me that if we needed an autopsy, we could go to the medical university to do it ourselves. The cost was over 20,000. My cousin and I discussed it. This wasn’t a criminal case. Besides, she was already dead. Getting it messed and broken by a forensic doctor wouldn’t be very good, so we didn’t do the autopsy.”

Chen Shi pointed to his cheek and asked, "Did you get burnt?"

"Yes, you don’t know what the fire was like. The whole building was smoking. I ran up and opened the door, and the fire burst out. Not only did I burn my face, half of my body was burnt… The only comfort is that the firefighter said my aunt didn’t pass away painfully. She may have been poisoned by the gas first."

Chen Shi nodded. For some reason, he felt Li Xiang was too calm.

However, with only this point, he wasn’t to be suspected. Real life isn’t acting where everything you say is full of emotion. Many people speak monotonously.

Chen Shi looked around and Li Xiang followed behind. When he walked into the bedroom, Chen Shi smelled some odors and asked, "Has this house been cleaned recently?"

"Yes, my cousin is planning to come back for the New Year, and my work contract is coming to an end soon. I’m ready to move out. I took a few days off because of the fire and cleaned up at home."

"What is your occupation?"

"Management of a company."

"Leave your contact details!"

After taking down Li Xiang's basic information, Li Xiang asked, "Are the police at the public security bureau planning to re-open the case for investigation? Was my aunt killed? But when the local police station investigated it, she didn’t have any enemies."

Chen Shi smiled slightly. "This is temporarily confidential. I'll be taking my leave."

"Safe travels. I won’t see you off."

Walking out of this apartment, Chen Shi stood far away and watched from under a tree. Li Xiang didn't do anything abnormal. He just sat down to drink water and play with his mobile phone.

Tao Yueyue checked several unit buildings and waited at the place where Chen Shi stopped his car. Suddenly, a stone was thrown and hit her back. She turned her head and looked around. A boy in a sports jacket walked over with h

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