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"At 11:00 in the evening before the signing ceremony began, Target 1 entered the elevator and sprayed the paint with the combustion aid added into it."

Xu Xiaodong walked into the elevator and gestured with the spray bottle in his hand. On the night of the 24th, the police were recreating the entire crime scene. If they wanted to sort everything out clearly, it wasn’t enough to just talk about it verbally. They had to feel as though they were there.

In addition to the police officers involved in the case, Chen Shi also brought along Tao Yueyue. She said she wanted to go and have a look since they were just recreating the scene tonight. Therefore, Chen Shi brought her along.

"Soon after, Target 2 entered the elevator and installed an igniter under the emergency button."

Lin Qiupu recited the case and Xu Xiaodong cooperated to repeat it.

After the igniter was identified, it was found to be made of two plastic sheets sandwiching traces of mercuric acid and yellow phosphorus. It would cause fire with just a light pressure, igniting the paint on the wall. It had to be said that the person who planned the crime was really creative.

"Uncle Chen, would it be easier to kill people with some knowledge of chemistry?" Tao Yueyue asked quietly.

"Not necessarily. Some dangerous goods are difficult to obtain and the forensic police are experts." Chen Shi said.

Peng Sijue, who was with them, glanced back at the two of them. Chen Shi said, "We’re just discussing the case. By the way, can the source of the igniter be investigated?"

"It's difficult. These things are indeed the chemical products in the bang snaps that children usually play with. After purification, the murderer can make it as long as they have some knowledge of chemistry."

Tao Yueyue said, "Why not use them to kill people directly?"

Peng Sijue explained, "That would require a lot of it and yellow phosphorus burns very quickly. It also has to be mixed with sawdust and gunpowder. If you buy so many bang snaps, you’ll definitely cause suspicion."

Tao Yueyue nodded and Lin Qiupu furrowed his brows. "Can't you guys talk about something else? How can you teach children this kind of thing?"

Chen Shi said, “The child in my household loves these things."

Lin Qiupu shook his head. "The failure of education! Let’s go. Go upstairs!"

When everyone went to the third floor, Lin Qiupu continued, "It was also around 9:00 the night before the signing ceremony. Target 3 came here, removed the cover of the main control board, and connected a serial port to override the elevator control program with a laptop. He probably used a cell phone as the remote control."

Lin Dongxue asked, "As long as you dial a number with your mobile phone, the elevator would fall down?"

"We speculate that this is the case, but the tool was recovered afterwards and the elevator program was covered up, leaving behind next to no traces."

Staring at the main control board,

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