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At noon, Tao Yueyue settled for lunch near the school as usual. On the way back to school, she suddenly felt that someone was following her. When she looked back, a boy in the uniform of the Sixth Middle School hid behind the power pole.

Tao Yueyue, who was instinctively wary of strangers, immediately sped up and returned to the classroom. Many of the classmates who didn’t return home at noon were taking their lunch break. The boys were playing games on one side. Wei Zengmali was sprawled on her seat while reading manhua for young girls on her phone and giggling idiotically.

"Mali, it seems that someone was following me just now." Tao Yueyue said.

"What? Guy or girl?"

"A boy. I seem to have seen him before. He’s from our school."

"He couldn’t have fallen for you, right?"

"You think of nonsense all day!"

Tao Yueyue returned to her seat. Her lunchtime entertainment consisted of reading a thick classic novel. Wei Zengmali went over and asked about the topic from just now, "Was the boy handsome? Was he tall?"

"I. Do. Not. Know!"

"Oh, don't you normally think about this at all? Have you ever received a love letter? Or is there someone that you like?"

"I like Stendhal."

"Which class is he from?"

Tao Yueyue tapped on the author's name on the book.

"Tch, you’re fooling me! I’m talking about a guy in reality."

"Do you really have to get me to say one before you’re happy?" Tao Yueyue indifferently read her book.

"I understand now!"

"What do you understand?"

"You have an Electra complex..."

"Don't talk nonsense!" Tao Yueyue's cheeks turned red.

"You must like the older brother type, so these boys in the class aren’t your type."

Tao Yueyue was pursing her lips in contempt, when she noticed something in the corner of her eye. She turned her head and saw that the boy from just now was sneaking glances at her from outside the window, and then he suddenly retracted his head.

At the same time, Chen Shi and the police were at a wasteland in the countryside. A burnt female body was lying in the dirt pit. Chen Shi judged from experience that the body had been burned after death, and the murderer had burned her thoroughly. They first smashed the female’s face, then cut her stomach open. A lot of combustion aid had been sprinkled in her belly and on her body. The whole body had shrunk because of the burning, and it looked dry and thin, leaving only the dark skeleton.

Peng Sijue was collecting fragments of skin from the female body. Chen Shi squatted down next to him and asked, "Can you tell the time of death?"

Peng Sijue shook his head. "The margin of error will be very large with this kind of burning method.”

Lin Dongxue sent a few people to retrieve the surveillance footage around the intersection and to search for any remaining traces. The police found several shoe prints, a tire print, and some fabric fragments, which might have been from the clothing of the deceased,

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