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Chen Shi checked the tableware Wei Yi normally used and checked the cigarettes he smoked. While investigating it, Tao Yueyue pulled the corner of his clothes. "There’s a milk box outside."

A glance at the door showed that there was a small box for delivering milk. The box was made up of wooden boards nailed together and had a lid with a lock on it. Chen Shi asked Wei Yi to open it. Wei Yi said, "Is there any problem with this milk? I drink it every day."

Chen Shi said, "I will take it to the Public Security Bureau to test it!"

"Mr. Chen, I also wondered if I had a strange disease or got a virus. I’m very cautious of the things that go into my mouth. Even if it’s milk, I only drink it after heating it up every day. I think there shouldn’t be a problem.”

"Wait for the test results to come out in two days. Wait patiently at home."

"Ah? Then I have to suffer from nightmares for several more days."

"Relax, I think the one who is secretly causing mischief doesn’t plan to kill you. Ah, yes, don't drink the milk tomorrow. Put it in the refrigerator and wait for me to get it."

"Okay, thank you!"

Chen Shi returned to the bureau without stopping. Peng Sijue was busy and as soon as he heard that he had to help him with the test, he was very impatient. Chen Shi said a lot of nice things before Peng Sijue put some of the leftover milk in the bottle under the microscope.

He immediately concluded, "There’s something in the milk. Like bacteria... No, it’s bigger than bacteria. It seems like a kind of creature."

"Let me see!" Chen Shi walked over to see that there were many cells in the form of bacilli swimming under the microscope. The number was extremely large. That shouldn’t be the normal probiotic bacteria in milk. He saw Tao Yueyue looking curious next to him. He asked, "Do you want to see it too?"

"Is it okay?" Tao Yueyue looked at Peng Sijue’s serious face in fear.

"It's okay, come over!"

Chen Shi asked Tao Yueyue to stand on the chair and she watched it in excitement. Peng Sijue's face became more and more tense. "I need to work. Take the child to play elsewhere!"

"Aiya, have some love in your heart, okay?”

"Get out!"

"Old Peng, take the time to help me test it. I’ll invite you to dinner later.”

"I have to be able to make time for it. Do you know how busy I’ve been recently?"

"Can't you work overtime? Look at your hair. It's still a long way from being completely bald. Work some overtime!" Chen Shi said as he moved his hands and feet around.

"That's the door. Get out!"

After being chased away, Chen Shi still begged him, "Please! I’ll invite you to eat Japanese food later on."

Upon leaving the bureau, Chen Shi called Wei Yi and told him that the milk was indeed tampered with. In order to prevent him from alerting the other party, the milk should be kept every day going forward, and the empty bottle should still be placed in the box.

Then, he contacted kk and asked him

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