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Chen Shi broke open the door and saw kk had fallen to the ground, groaning. "It's hot! It's so hot!"

kk's skin was pale like paper. Unexpected urticaria had appeared on his fingers and the back of his hand. When he touched his hands, he was as cold as a dead man. Chen Shi quickly dialed 120 and woke up kk. When kk woke up, he started tearing at his clothes frantically and shouted, "Ah, my body is like it’s on fire. I'm about to burn to death. It's so uncomfortable! Even the air inhaled into my throat is hot. Brother Chen, save me!"

A needle tube without a needle was thrown on the ground. Chen Shi guessed that Li Xiang must have given kk the poison.

"Don't move!"

Chen Shi took a cup, washed it with water, shattered a piece of soap into it, poured water into it, and stirred it with his fingers.

At this time, kk was tearing his clothes apart and scratching his chest, causing streaks of bloodstains. Chen Shi lifted him up and let him drink soapy water. kk tried a sip and yelled, "It’s hot. It’s so hot! I can’t swallow it!”

"Drink it!" Chen Shi ordered.

After some struggle, the soapy water was poured into the belly. kk vomited a lot and all the things in the stomach were emptied. However, the hot and cold feeling wasn’t relieved.

At this time, the sound of an ambulance came from below. Chen Shi picked up kk and brought him downstairs. There was also a police car with the ambulance. It turned out that the police met the ambulance on the road and found that they were going in the same direction.

Chen Shi told the doctor that kk might have been poisoned and had already washed his stomach with soap. The doctor nodded intently and took kk into the ambulance.

Lin Dongxue ran over and asked, "What happened?"

"We’ll talk as we walk!"

Arriving at the door of the community, Chen Shi asked the security guard to describe the characteristics of Li Xiang before his disappearance. The security guard said that he wore glasses, a white T-shirt, and a blue jacket. He was a thin and had an open 3-7 hairstyle. He carried a black bag, and most importantly, he was carrying a female corpse.

Many policemen had already seen the two bodies in the Bluebird and there was a lot of discussion. Lin Dongxue said, "You’ve been silent over the past two days, but you were actually looking for a necrophiliac? Why not inform us earlier?"

"I didn't expect him to be exposed so quickly. It’s a little unexpected."

"Did he kill someone?"

"According to my judgment, he probably killed a person. What’s more dangerous is that he has a virus that can amplify people's sense of heat and cold."

"Amplify people's sense of heat and cold?" Lin Dongxue was surprised. This poison was unheard of.

The crowd began to search around the community. Tao Yueyue said, "Uncle Chen, the bodies in the car are like dolls. You can disassemble their arms and legs."


Chen Shi went to the car and took a look. The limbs of

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