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After collecting the teachers’ fingerprints, they left the school. Wei Zengmali was still talking to Chen Shi along the way. "Uncle, Yueyue’s results are so good. Do you often give her special rewards?"

"She mainly gets to eat well. I usually cook, and I don't repeat the same dishes."

"Wow, you cook your own food? How amazing!"

"Show-off in disguise!" Lin Dongxue smiled. "Old Chen, I have something to talk to you about."

Chen Shi said to Tao Yueyue, "You and Mali should go and buy ice cream."

Tao Yueyue understood and took Wei Zengmali away with her. Lin Dongxue asked, "Do you have any suspicions towards any of those teachers?"

"Not right now."

"Actually, you do but you’re just afraid that you’d mislead me."

"Haha, Dongxue really understands me."

"But everyone thinks that the date of Miss Lin's disappearance was October 1st. When we were with her parents just now, her father mentioned that he had asked Lin Xiaoxiao to go home for dinner that day. Lin Xiaoxiao had entered the housing district and given him a box saying that she had some things to do and couldn’t come home for dinner before taking her leave.”

"What box?"

"It was just a foot-washing machine that she had bought for her parents."

"What was the time?"

"About 4:00 in the afternoon. That is to say, her father was the last person to see her."

"As a result, there are three witnesses who proved that she was still alive on October 1st."


Chen Shi felt that it was a bit strange. They were all eyewitness testimonies. If Teacher Lin wanted to go somewhere, wouldn’t it be best to leave on September 30th?

She had gone to school on October 1st and didn’t do much. It seemed that she had just done it to be “seen” by people. What’s more anomalous was that she had actually left her mobile phone behind in order to leave a message, when she could have left a slip of paper instead.


All three eyewitness testimonies regarding October 1st were questionable.

Chen Shi said, "I want to take a look at the surveillance footage near the school and her house to verify these witness testimonies."

"Didn't you promise to keep Yueyue company tonight?"

Chen Shi looked helpless. Tao Yueyue and Wei Zengmali returned with three chocolate ice creams. Tao Yueyue gave one of them to Lin Dongxue. Lin Dongxue gratefully said, "Thank you!"

"Yueyue, I have to work overtime tonight." Chen Shi said.

Tao Yueyue behaved calmly, "Oh, then I will go to Mali's house to do my homework!"

Wei Zengmali said happily, "Just eat dinner at my house. You can also help me with my homework."

"Then I’ll trouble you Mali... Yueyue, do you still have pocket money? I'll give you a little!"

"Uncle Chen!" Tao Yueyue said in a tone that reminded him.

"Oh, yes, I forgot!" Chen Shi smiled. Remembering the previous promise, he hugged Tao Yueyue and patted her head. "I will pick you up tonight."

"Don't come back too late.

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