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Yan Ke was sitting in the empty interrogation room. The recording device had been turned off. During the interrogation, he had been soaked in cold sweat all over, again and again. The policeman's eyes showed that he clearly knew everything.

If he hadn’t had the lawyer beside him, he would have broken down long ago. However, he still had lingering fears and he wasn’t sure how many cards the opponent had up his sleeve.

At this time, the lawyer slipped in, holding a bottle of mineral water in his hand. He leaned over and said, "Want to live?"

Yan Ke nodded desperately.

"If you want to live, you need to self-harm. The more seriously, the better!"

The two men’s faces were almost touching. Yan Ke saw muscles twitching under the lawyer’s skin while he was talking, and he looked very sinister. The eyes hidden behind his glasses were expressionless. Yan Ke seemed to have an illusion that Teacher Zhou was watching him through these eyes.

The lawyer straightened up and walked away, leaving him to imagine endless horrible possibilities.

When he got outside, Xu Xiaodong stopped him, "What did you go in for?!"

The lawyer shrugged. "Just passing him a bottle of water."

"Who permitted it?!"

Xu Xiaodong rushed in and took the bottle of mineral water away, just in case. Who knew if there was anything in the water?

The lawyer curled his lip indifferently and lit a cigarette in the hallway. Chen Shi walked over and said, "Lawyer Wang, right? I just called your office and found that no one picked up the phone. I have done a little investigation. You’re the only one working at your so-called office, and you haven’t had any business over the last few years. It isn’t fake, is it?”

"It’s a registered company. Whether there’s business or not, is my own affair. It's none of your business!"

Chen Shi approached him and smiled threateningly, "I advise you not to associate with Zhou Tiannan. On the day that he is arrested, misfortune will befall you as well!"

The lawyer shook his cigarette indignantly, "Are you threatening me? Look, this police officer is threatening me. I’ll sue you!"

Chen Shi took out his ID, "I’m not a policeman. Just a passing citizen, bye-bye!"

At that moment, the sound of wailing and howling came from the interrogation room, and the police rushed in. They saw Yan Ke cradling a hand that was bleeding profusely. He cried out, "She’s dead and you still doubt me. I’ll just die in the name of love. Xiaoxiao!"

Lin Dongxue grabbed his hand to have a look and instantly her scalp crawled. He had actually bitten off one of his fingers. His mouth was full of blood. When he wailed, they could even see the broken finger moving around on his tongue.

"Send him to hospital! Hurry!"

Yan Ke was taken away, and the lawyer exclaimed loudly and gleefully, "I can testify that the policeman was the last person to see him."

Xu Xiaodong was so angry that his face went pale, "Stop slandering others.

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