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Teacher Liu didn’t look like he was lying. Chen Shi asked again, “How are Teacher Lin’s interpersonal relationships?”

"Interpersonal relationships? She is the precious daughter of the deputy director of the Education Bureau. She is only 24 years old this year and a recent graduate. We all said in private that she’s like a fairy normally, teaching her students to sing every day as well as looking after her assigned class. She never got involved with other things. She just plays with her phone in the office when she’s not in class. She often traveled. When she came back, she would bring souvenirs for us. Every teacher in the office got a share, and she had a good relationship with us! Oh, right...” Teacher Liu pointed to a workstation. "Mr. Yan, who teaches Chinese, is dating her right now. They look like an ideal couple when they stand together. Although Teacher Yan is from a normal family, his grades have been very excellent from an early age. He came first in our school interview. This year, he also participated in the evaluation of excellent teachers and gave open classes for the experts of the Education Bureau. The response was very good. He can be described as the top talent in this cohort of young teachers."

"Was there any conflict between them?"

"What conflict can they have? I think that they’re sweet with each other every day, like those lovers in romance novels."

"Where’s Teacher Yan?"

"He’s in a class!"

Chen Shi looked around and noticed a shelf with some trophies and awards on it. Teacher Liu explained, "These are the honors our grade has received over the years. See? The first place in the province’s recitation contest and the first place in the composition contest. First place in the International Mathematical Olympiad..."

"Several awards were received by this student named Tao Yueyue!" Chen Shi said deliberately. Lin Dongxue secretly smiled behind him.

Teacher Liu beamed. "Tao Yueyue was in my class. She only transferred here last year. At the end of the last semester, she took first place in the entire school. This child is extremely smart, and she understands everything as soon as she’s taught. We said in private that a little Einstein has appeared in class. In the future, she’d certainly get into the top school in the province.”

"This is due to the good education provided by the teachers."

Teacher Liu concealed his joy and humbly said, "All the credit belongs to the parents. Teachers only provide support.”

"If my child is like this, that will be nice." Chen Shi sighed. His eyes fell on a trophy. The dust on the trophy had been wiped off, so he put on gloves to remove the trophy and handed it over to the Little Zhou from the forensics team who had come with him.

Everyone watched Little Zhou spraying reagents on the trophy. Chen Shi checked all around the place, focusing on obscure corners.

Chen Shi lay on the ground and found several hairs. Under a table, he found a stain that l

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