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After listening to the other party, Yan Ke's eyes widened in surprise. "That's it?"

"Not satisfied?" The other party looked at him with his head tilted. "Don't think that this matter is trivial. You must finish it perfectly as I’ve said."

"No, I can do more. I won’t lie to you. I’ve killed someone before!" Yan Ke stared at the other party’s eyes, trying to act fierce and ruthless.

The other person smiled and shook his hand. "Okay, okay, I know you’ve got the skills. Don't be impatient. As long as you’re useful, Mr. Zhou won’t neglect you. You should complete this matter well!"

"Then... goodbye."

Soon after Yan Ke left, another man sat in front of the black hat and whispered, "Mr. Zhou asked me to come."

The man in the black hat nodded. "My task to you is..."

In the beef noodle restaurant across the road, Tao Yueyue furrowed her brows suspiciously. From where she was sitting, she couldn’t hear what the other person was saying, but she knew it was definitely not a good thing.

Unconsciously, Tao Yueyue sat there until very late. Chen Shi called and anxiously asked where she was. Tao Yueyue said, "I’ll come back immediately."

"Are you with friends?"

"No, I... I had some matters."

"Shall I pick you up?"

"Okay, I'm in a noodle shop next to the school."

When Chen Shi arrived, the black hat in the cafe had already gone. He smiled in relief. "What’s wrong? You’re not going home after school. Who are you investigating?”

Tao Yueyue hooked her finger and Chen Shi sat down in front of her. Tao Yueyue showed him a few photos. The photos were taken with a mobile phone across the road and glass at an extended focal length. The quality was very poor, but a male with a black hat could be seen sitting with different people.

"I saw Yan Ke sneakily come out today and saw this person. Then, this person saw ten people one after another." She no longer called Yan Ke Teacher Yan.

Chen Shichao glanced across the road. "Thank you for the information, but don't do such a dangerous thing next time. What would you do if you were found out?"

"It wouldn’t happen. I want to avenge Cao Rui. Didn't you say that there are other forces behind Yan Ke who are helping him? Could it be related to this person today?"

"You can't afford to provoke those forces."

Tao Yueyue said indifferently, "I’m originally a child. Who can I afford to provoke? Couldn’t I hide?"

"Okay, okay, okay, you make sense... Have you eaten?"

"I ate three bowls of beef noodles..." Tao Yueyue burped.

The next morning, the ten photos taken by Tao Yueyue were taken to the Public Security Bureau by Chen Shi. Due to the poor quality of the photos, the people in them couldn’t be seen clearly even after technical processing. Furthermore, the meeting place was tricky and avoided all the surrounding security cameras.

If they really wanted to investigate it, it wasn’t impossible. They’d slowly screen them from the surveillance footag

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