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On the afternoon of October 20th, Qu Jing’an’s body was lying on the corpse bed at the public security bureau. According to the surveillance footage inside the elevator, the three bodyguards escorted Qu Jing’an to the upper level of the hotel. Midway, the elevator suddenly had a power outage, and then fell sharply. A strange flame suddenly appeared inside the elevator.

The three bodyguards were all severely burned and were now being treated in the hospital. Only Qu Jing’an was burned alive.

The whole thing seemed strange and suspicious. It seemed like someone was targeting the Qu brothers.

At the current moment, Lin Dongxue, Chen Shi, Lin Qiupu and others were wearing sterile clothes, waiting for the autopsy results from Peng Sijue. Peng Sijue used a scalpel to dissect the surface of Qu Jing’an’s body under the severe burns. He took out the internal organs for weighing as the assistant stared at the electronic scale and reported the weight with a monotonous voice. Peng Sijue said, "There’s an abnormality in the liver. Little Wang, go and conduct a pathological test. Wait a minute..."

He removed the burnt skin and attached fragments from the corpse and asked the assistant to conduct a test. Soon after, the assistant came back and reported, "Captain, the cause of death may be due to poisoning."

"Poisoned?" Lin Dongxue was slightly surprised. "He was obviously burnt to death!"

"Of course. We’ve all seen the situation. The burns on the other people's bodies aren’t less than that of Qu Jing’an, but only he died." Chen Shi said.

"Did someone put poison in the fire extinguisher?"

"How imaginative. How do they put poison in the fire extinguisher? That thing is completely sealed."

Peng Sijue personally went to conduct a test and came back to tell everyone. "Arsenic was detected on the inside of the deceased's shirt. It’s suspected that someone had applied it to the clothes in advance. Skin absorption alone isn’t enough to be fatal, but in case of a fire, the epidermis gets damaged, the toxin heats up, and then it evaporates into the body, killing them within seconds.”

Chen Shi said with emotion, "The bizarre fire in the elevator was for this purpose?"

Lin Qiupu said, "We’ll interrogate the suspicious people caught at the scene.”

At that time, the police arrested a total of three suspicious people at the scene. In addition to the one holding the metal box, there was the truck driver who intentionally parked the truck at the intersection, resulting in the police not arriving in time. The third person was near another emergency exit wandering around and was captured by bodyguards.

The metal box which Chen Shi thought was an explosive or a dangerous item was sent to the bureau for careful inspection by a bomb disposal expert and found to be just a pocket watch with only the man's own fingerprints on it.

None of the three people directly participated in the process of killing Qu Jing’an, but their prese

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