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“Why do you say such a thing!? Argh!"

Chen Shi picked up and swung a bottle of mineral water, pretending to strike someone hard, then knelt down with his head in his hands and muttered to himself, "No! I killed her! I killed her!"

Turning his head, he found Lin Dongxue leaning on the door of the meeting room, watching with interest. Chen Shi immediately returned to normal. "I repeated the crime to see if there’s something that we missed. How long have you been here?"

"I've been here ever since you killed someone." Lin Dongxue patted the document in her hand. "Want to see this?"

The two sat down. Lin Dongxue saw a cigarette butt in the ashtray and moved closer to Chen Shi to have a sniff. She said, "You smoked? This case is so difficult that you had to smoke?"

"No, today is a special day."

"A special day... Ah, I remember now. It was a bit weird when you ran to my house at this time last year. You said it was the day that your friend died. Was it a very important friend? Can you tell me now?"

"A wild guess! I didn't say it was the day that a friend died!"

Lin Dongxue didn’t give up. "What secrets are hidden in your past? Can't you tell me now?"


"Tell me a little!"


Lin Dongxue displayed an angry expression and Chen Shi coaxed her, "Are you angry? I’m not talking about it because it’s not the right time. I’m not purposefully hiding it from you.”

"I told you everything about me, but I don't know anything about your past. It's not fair!"

"I will tell you everything one day."

Lin Dongxue was really angry this time. This sentence didn’t work anymore, but fortunately, it was during work. Lin Dongxue didn’t quarrel with him. "Hurry and have a look!"

Flipping open the document and reading it, Chen Shi said unexpectedly, "Your efficiency is pretty good. You even dug this sort of stuff out.”

"I learned about it from the Education Bureau. Maybe it’ll help! Do you want to summon Yan Ke now?"

"It's still a bit early to be summoning him. Let’s go and pay him a visit!"

The two drove to school immediately. Chen Shi said on the way, "Don't be angry, okay?" Lin Dongxue looked out the window, "Just let me be angry for a while. Don't worry about me."

Chen Shi laughed bitterly. He was very helpless.

Arriving at the school, Teacher Yan happened to be not teaching a class. The three of them talked in a teacher's lounge. Chen Shi asked, "Have you always had a good relationship with Teacher Lin?"

"It’s always been very good." Teacher Yan observed the expression of the two, "Of course, it’s inevitable for a boyfriend and girlfriend to quarrel, but they were all small disagreements."

"It’s said that there's been conflict between you two recently."

"Who said that?!"

Lin Dongxue said, "We’re the ones asking you now."

Chen Shi replied uncharacteristically, "According to a staff member of the Education Bureau."

The prompt was clear enough. Teacher Yan's ex

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