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A police car arrived at the school. The police exchanged a few words with Teacher Liu and took him away. Seated in a classroom near the window, a boy bit his pen and severely reproached himself.

Teacher Liu, the school worker and Teacher Lin’s father were questioned separately. The police asked them every detail about the time they had seen Lin Xiaoxiao on October 1st. All three said that Lin Xiaoxiao was no different from usual.

The police showed them pictures of Ling Shuang and Lin Xiaoxiao again. Ling Shuang was not a criminal who was in hiding. She was a scholar and she lived in seclusion. Only Chen Shi and Gu You knew that Ling Shuang was their "old friend."

The three of them didn’t recognize Ling Shuang from the photos, but were able to recognize Lin Xiaoxiao's photos successfully.

During the entire process of the questioning, Chen Shi and Gu You both watched from outside. Gu You said, "Their consciousness is now normal, and they only have the tampered memories in their heads. They have also rationalized them to themselves."

"Guessed as much!" Chen Shi said disappointedly. "Let’s not talk about the active members of ‘Black Honey’. Even if us ‘interns’ planned a simulated crime, leaving no traces behind is a basic skill."

"You’re not an ‘intern’. If you are a criminal, you won’t rank below Zhou Tiannan. Causing damage is easy, but protecting is difficult. That’s why there’s the saying that the devil is ten feet tall and virtue is one foot high, and you shouldn’t be too discouraged."

"Is it appropriate to say these things at the public security bureau so openly?" Chen Shi confirmed that there was nobody else behind them. "By the way, forgive me for being curious, but are you dating Old Peng? Why doesn't it feel like it?"

"The relationship between the two of us, if we have to define it, is just that of congenial bedmates. We both hate the entanglement of relationships. I think this is quite suitable. You could also try this kind of rational love."

"For me, forget it! I’ll be beaten to death!" Chen Shi waved his hand.

After being silent for a moment, Gu Yu lowered her voice, "If Zhou Tiannan cannot be dealt with by normal means, have you ever thought about using what you learned?"

"I considered it before, but I can't do it!"

"If Zhou Tiannan died unnaturally one day, would you solve the case?"

Chen Shi looked at Gu You for a long time and said, "I hope that this day won’t come. Zhou Tiannan must be arrested. He must undergo trial and pay for his sins!"

After the questioning ended, Lin Qiupu asked everyone to go to the conference room, and Peng Sijue said, "Everything has been investigated, and no traces of outsiders have been found."

Lin Qiupu said, "There is no progress on the witnesses’ side. I don't think that the case can go on."

Everyone was discouraged for a while. Before Chen Shi appeared, announcing the "suspension of the investigation" in the face of unsustainable cases

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