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On October 12th, Yan Ke was formally summoned. He sat in the interrogation room, sweating nervously, but in the face of any question, he only uttered only one sentence, "I won't say anything before the lawyer comes!"

Later, a lawyer arrived at the Public Security Bureau and introduced himself. "I’m Lawyer Wang Chengda of Chengda Law Firm, and Mr. Yan has entrusted me to act as his attorney."

After entering the interrogation room, Lawyer Wang whispered a few words in Yan Ke’s ear. This time, the interrogation was carried out by Lin Qiupu and another interrogator. Chen Shi, Lin Dongxue and other police officers stood outside watching.

After asking for the basic information, Lin Qiupu said, "Suspect, where were you around 6:00PM on September 30th and what did you do?”

The lawyer replied on his behalf, "We have no obligation to answer this. Various clues now prove that the deceased was killed on October 1st, and on this day, my client has a clear-cut alibi..."

"However at present, the police have a testimony that on the evening of September 30th, you had a violent quarrel with the deceased, and then you took action." Lin Qiupu took out two bloodstain identification reports. "We found the blood of the deceased in two places within the office. Neither you nor the deceased have the key to that office. The blood could only have been left behind on September 30th.

The lawyer said, "Mr. Police Officer, on the morning of October 1st, Mr. Liu, the colleague of the deceased, was working in that office and witnessed the deceased. Do you want to say that the deceased was killed on September 30th and resurrected on October 1st?"

"Yes!" Yan Ke nodded, with his eyes full of confidence.

Everyone had discussed the strategy of this interrogation in advance. The other party would definitely try to lead the topic to the three witness testimonies. This was a trap, so Lin Qiupu avoided answering. He emphasized, "I’m asking the questions right now, not you. What were you doing on the evening of September 30th?"

Yan Ke spread out his hands, "We had a fight."

"Who was quarreling with whom?"

"I quarreled with Lin Xiaoxiao."


While Yan Ke explained the process in detail, Lin Dongxue said to Chen Shi outside, "That lawyer is very slick. One witness testimony versus three witness testimonies. I wonder if Captain Lin can handle it?”

Chen Shi said, "The most terrible thing is that the three eyewitness testimonies created the chain of evidence. However, we have photos, which is iron-clad physical evidence. It can only be said to be fifty-fifty."

Lin Qiupu continued to ask, "According to the testimony of the security guard on duty that day, it was you and your colleague Zhou Tiannan who left the school last, but he didn’t see the victim. How did she leave the school?"

Yan Ke said, "That’s obvious. She left in my car."

"But this wasn’t captured on the surveillance camera. In fact, the surveillance monitoring

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