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Chapter 659: Darkness Under The Light[1]

After Ms. Ding left, Chen Shi turned on Lu Qi’s computer to see if there were any other clues. There was no password set on the computer. There were some company documents on the desktop. Chen Shi opened them and glanced over them, but they were only some financial statements and internal notices.

The hard drive was filled with nude photos of women and fitness videos downloaded from the Internet. This was Lu Qi’s personal hobby. There were no games, movies, or e-books on his computer. Chen Shi commented, "His life is quite simple."

Lin Dongxue said, "It’s also the first time I’ve seen a person like Lu Qi with a developed mind and simple limbs like an animal."

"Being too simple can make you a bad person, which shows what human nature is really like."

After searching for a long time, they found a suspicious folder that was password-protected. Lu Qi posted a note on the computer with a string of letters on it. They opened the folder after a single try. This guy couldn’t even remember the password he set.

The document was full of photos. Lin Dongxue's attention was suddenly attracted. These were all bloody photos. There was a man in a suit that lay in a pool of blood. In another photo, there was another man in a suit whose face was already smashed into a pulp.

From the perspective of the photos, it looks like they were shot secretly, probably with a mobile phone. In a few photos, two plump pillar-like legs were also shown with blood on the pants.

Chen Shi said, "These fat legs belong to Dong Xiao. Are these the evidence of Dong Xiao's crimes? Lu Qi usually follows Dong Xiao around, so when Dong Xiao kills people, he secretly photographed them?"

"Who are these dead people?"

"This uniform looks like someone from a company..." After skimming over the photos, there seemed to be five or six deceased people.

"Dong Xiao killed his own staff casually when he’s in the company? That’s too much! I remember when we first went to find Dong Xiao to check the employees of the company. He gave us a list and there were no missing people on it."

"Dong Xiao asked someone to print that list. It’s obviously unreliable. These people who were killed by him have long been 'delisted' from the company's roster."

The two brought the computer back since they couldn’t confirm the identities of the deceased. They could only bring in Secretary Jia who was in custody for another interrogation. Chen Shi showed him the photos one by one. Secretary Jia saw the first photo and said, "This is the bodyguard. He said something that he shouldn't have said, so President Dong... No, Dong Xiao stabbed him to death with a table knife."

"What did he say that he shouldn’t have?" Chen Shi asked.

"I remember that he made a joke. The premise was that Dong Xiao is fat."

"What? Just because of this?" Lin Dongxue couldn't believe it. Was Dong Xiao a tyrant? He killed people casually just because

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