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On January 20th, the suspect, Secretary Jia, was taken to the bureau for questioning. When he was taken away from the company, Dong Xiao reminded him with two sentences. "Remember what should be said and what should not be said!", "Before the lawyer comes, don't say anything."

Lin Qiupu replied, "Mr. Dong, you’ve been sitting on this sofa for a while now."

Secretary Jia was just the corpse burner. He was the key to revealing the truth of the case. To prevent Dong Xiao from escaping or doing other things during this period, Lin Qiupu left two police officers to monitor him.

Secretary Jia, who was taken to the interrogation room, was extremely nervous. The lawyer whispered to him. "No matter what the police ask you, don't answer directly. Tell it to me."

Secretary Jia nodded desperately.

"Suspect, state your name and occupation." Lin Qiupu ordered.

The lawyer replied, "My client's name is Jia Xu and his profession is the secretary to the president of Zhuoyuan Company."

"I think you’re the closest person to Dong Xiao. You must know all about him..."

"Please don't make such hints!" The lawyer interrupted Lin Qiupu. Lin Qiupu thought to himself that this lawyer was probably also greeted by Dong Xiao in advance in order to control Secretary Jia's lips.

Thus, he went straight to the point. "On the evening of December 30th, what did you do? Answer truthfully."

Secretary Jia spoke to the lawyer in a low voice and the lawyer said, "My client said he was handling official affairs as per usual."

"You’re now in handcuffs. This is an interrogation. If we have no evidence, it’s impossible to arrest you. You had better not lie... On the evening of December 30th, a reporter named Cao Man disappeared in your company and we have a video on hand. I believe you’ve seen it too."

"Cao Man didn't get the permission to interview at all!" Secretary Jia said.

The lawyer reminded him not to speak arbitrarily. Secretary Jia said in cold sweat, "Don’t worry, I have my sense." Then, he said to Lin Qiupu, "Every item on Mr. Dong's agenda is handled by me. He hasn’t been interviewed for nearly half a year, so it’s impossible for Cao Man to show up at the company, let alone at night. Mr. Dong goes to Fengyi Court every night. He bought Su Chan's villa there in the rural area."

Lin Qiupu thought for a while and said, "Even if Cao Man didn't obtain the interview rights and he snuck in, he did disappear in your company."

"Who told you that? That person was lying. I don’t even know a Cao Man."

"Then on the evening of December 30th, who was it that Dong Xiao killed?!" Lin Qiupu raised his voice.

"President Dong, he..."

"Ahem!" The lawyer interrupted him and reminded Lin Qiupu, "Please show your evidence."

Lin Qiupu sneered and showed the evidence they found. The body of Cao Man found in the suburbs and the hose with Secretary Jia’s DNA. Hearing this, Secretary Jia was sweating so much that it looked like rai

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