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On January 26th, Long'an University of Science and Technology.

After class, Professor Zhuge stopped a student and said, "Go and have a look. Is that man at the door?"

The student came back and said that he wasn’t there before Professor Zhuge left the classroom with confidence.

Recently, a man who claimed to be a police consultant had been coming to him with a thick stack of files. While he was indeed the leading aerospace expert in China, that didn’t mean that he was obliged to help them solve the case. It was close to the end of the year. There were many miscellaneous affairs at the school and he really didn't have the leisure.

Professor Zhuge went to the faculty canteen with a textbook in his hand, ordered a few of his favorite dishes, unscrewed a small bottle of alcohol, and tasted it pleasurably.

Chen Shi appeared in front of him unexpectedly and Professor Zhuge was startled. He picked up the tray, got up, and was about to leave. However, Chen Shi held his wrist and asked, "Professor, why are you hiding from me? Am I scary?"

"You’re not scary, you’re annoying! I’m very busy, can you stop looking for me?!" Professor Zhuge said bitterly.

"It’s a matter regarding a life. Please take a look at the design blueprint."

"It’s a matter regarding a life? Which one of your police affairs isn’t a matter of life and death? Just because of these words, you don’t have to do other things? Right now, I have to create test papers and write a paper. Can you stop trying to find me for your affairs? Please... If we take a step back and say that I have time right now, it’s my freedom whether I help you or not. Hurry up and don’t disturb me while I eat!"

After being so blunt, Chen Shi was still unwilling to make concessions. Professor Zhuge had never met such a brazen person like him before. He finally had to make a concession reluctantly and ask a graduate student to take a look before he could send the "Plague God" away.

The reason why Chen Shi had come to find an expert to verify matters was because he found a point of suspicion. Dong Xiao claimed to be three hundred catties, but only when he visited Dong Xiao’s personal doctor did he realize that it was him being "modest". The latest measurement showed that Dong Xiao’s actual weight was more than five hundred catties.[1]

The load of that rocket was about 300 kilograms. Could it be that Dong Xiao was not put in at all? Could it be that he didn’t fit even if it could bear the load? Could a part of him still be left on the earth?

The rocket lifting into the sky already meant there was no evidence. In fact, Lin Qiupu had been to the observatory and there was no corpse in the vast starry sky. Only things on the ground could be checked.

Chen Shi was working hard with this glimmer of hope. This case was now like a point of anxiety. Only when it is solved could he sleep well.

Lin Dongxue was also working hard. In the past few days, she and Su Chan had met severa

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