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Hearing what Chen Gong said, it seemed as though it actually happened, but Chen Shi disagreed. "It's not a particularly great technology. Any product will gradually reduce their costs, especially electronic products. I still remember that smart phones cost a few thousand ten years ago. Now they’re in the thousand’s range and so it’s even popular among school students."

Chen Gong said, "From the perspective of its long history, this really is nothing. However, this price cut has made many communication companies become unable to survive. Zhuoyuan Company is best at fighting price wars. This is how Hanjie Company was driven to a desperate situation previously."

"These seem to have nothing to do with you though?" Lin Qiupu asked. "When was the last time you saw Cao Man?"

"I remember that it was at the end of December. He was going to interview Dong Xiao that day. He finally got Dong Xiao's reply after lots of struggling. After he went, he never came back and I couldn't get through to him over the phone, so I thought that something might have happened."

"Cooperate with us. If we can find the corpse, we can successfully file the case. We don't care about the business war. They have to pay the price if they do bad things!" Lin Qiupu said.

"You can start with Lu Qi. Lu Qi is Dong Xiao's confidant. If Dong Xiao kills someone, he will definitely be asked to deal with the corpse... You may not know this, but Lu Qi is not only the vice president, he’s also Dong Xiao's godson. Their relationship is very close." Chen Gong said.

Chen Shi said, "You know a lot."

"Haha, I'm a reporter!"

"What is Lu Qi like?"

Chen Gong thought for a while and replied, "Shady, cunning, and plays both fields. His eyes glow at the sight of money. It is said that… And this is only what’s been said, but Dong Xiao gave him a large sum of money when he was still in the Ding Group and asked him to steal the technology. He worked in the Ding Group for ten years, but he actually sold out his boss so casually! However, he is indeed very capable, holding many sales channels in his hands. There was a group of top-notch sales people who switched jobs together with him. He became the vice president and Dong Xiao recognized him as a godson."

"Since he’s this type of person. I think that nurturing the tiger will bring calamity sooner or later." Chen Shi commented.

"Haha, great minds think alike."

"We’ll make a transcript of what you’ve just said. I will apply for the official filing of this case!" Lin Qiupu made a transcript for Chen Gong, and then applied for a search warrant.

The first person they needed to look for was Lu Qi. The next day, Chen Shi, Xu Xiaodong, and Lin Dongxue found him and asked about the missing Cao Man. The meeting place was in the underground garage. It was just when Lu Qi was getting off work. He was a tall and burly man. He might have been over 190cm, had a stout figure, and full, strong muscles that stuck out from u

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