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"Dong Xiao is already dead?" Lin Qiupu looked suspicious of this. "Don't forget that he went with a gun, and Lu Qi's blood was found on Secretary Li who escaped. How do you explain this?"

"The blood may be left behind by a wound of Lu Qi’s. The two had a fight. After that, Lu Qi killed Dong Xiao. He and Su Chan disposed of the corpse and burned the evidence. Why did Secretary Li go crazy? He might have gone crazy when he saw Dong Xiao being killed. Secretary Li has been with Dong Xiao for a long time and knew the dirty things he did. If he saw Dong Xiao killing people, he wouldn’t go crazy."

"Secretary Li went crazy because he was trapped in the fire and finally escaped after lots of struggle. He would have gotten some trauma."

"Then why was he the only one who escaped? There were so many strong bodyguards at the scene. Why didn't they escape, but were instead trapped inside and burned to death? Some of them were trapped on the first floor, one step away from the front door. I think the deaths of these people were a bit strange. What happened in the villa may be far more complicated than what we think."

The two held their own opinions and neither of them could convince the other.

At this moment, Peng Sijue called them over. The autopsy room was now full of burnt corpses. There were so many that even the ground was full. Lin Qiupu asked, "Captain Peng, have you found anything?"

"I found that all the corpses had more or less signs of fractures and cracks. During the first autopsy, I didn't care too much because there were a lot of broken bricks falling down at the fire site, and the deceased would definitely have varying degrees of injuries. However, I just checked again. Look at this..." Peng Sijue pointed to a bone marked ‘3’ and said, "His fracture was in the elbow joint."

"Deceased Number 5 had a fracture in the neck. Number 6 had a fracture in the leg. Number 8 had a fracture at the bottom of the spine..." Peng Sijue pointed to them one by one.

Chen Shi muttered, "The fractures in these parts don't look as though they were hit by something, but rather a fight before their deaths. Their opponent maimed them but didn't kill them... Who could be so tough?"

"Could it be Lu Qi?" Lin Qiupu asked in shock.

Lin Qiupu immediately asked his subordinates to check Lu Qi's background. It was unexpectedly discovered that Lu Qi had been practicing grappling and fighting ever since he was a teenager. This set of fighting skills he had cultivated could correspond to the fractures that the deceased had suffered.

Chen Shi said, "Do you remember how these people were trapped in a small room and burned to death? At first, we thought they were hiding in the rooms to avoid the fire. It seems that we might be wrong. It was Lu Qi that beat them until they couldn’t move. Then, he dragged them into each small room before setting the house on fire. After the fire passed, it was what we saw before us."

Lin Qiupu was stunne

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