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The police car arrived at the school gate, and Old Zhang went to look for the person in charge of the school to explain the situation. Lin Qiupu ordered, "After confirming Xu Fa's identity, you can shoot if necessary. Try to avoid the vital points and be sure to get the drug from his possession."

Xu Fa should still be in the school and the police didn’t act immediately until Old Zhang called and said that the school had notified all the dormitory administrators. They had locked up the dormitories in order to prevent a hostage incident.

"Let’s go!" Lin Qiupu gave the order, and everyone began to search the school. Each and every flower bed and corner was carefully checked. Suddenly, several police officers shouted, "We found a suspicious person."

"What’s that look in your eyes? What do you mean by ‘a suspicious person’?" Someone walked out from behind a dormitory building, took off his helmet, and smoothed his dyed-blonde hair. It turned out to be kk. "Xu Fa was here just now. I was checking the footprints on the field. "

"kk, you can search with us, so as not to confuse people." Chen Shi said.

"Roger that!"

Chen Shi, Lin Dongxue and kk searched towards the direction of the teaching block. There were no lights on in the teaching block at night. Lin Dongxue was very nervous as she went up the stairs. She raised her gun and pointed it forward at every turn. They checked every floor and confirmed that Xu Fa wasn’t in the building.

"Teaching Block No. 4 is safe!" Lin Dongxue reported via radio.

"Sister-in-Law, do you want to go over there for a look?" kk pointed down towards a small forest that had a small lake within.

"We’re going to the small forest opposite No. 4 Teaching Block to check." Lin Dongxue reported.

"Be careful!" Lin Qiupu told them.

The three of them went downstairs. The forest was extremely quiet at night. kk casuallychattered away to boost their courage, but suddenly fell silent, because there was some suspicious movement coming from a certain place. The three of them walked over, brushed aside a bush, and saw two boys hugging each other in fear.

The boys became even more frightened when Lin Dongxue’s gun pointed at them and they said, "Don't shoot! We’re students."

"College students nowadays are really open!" kk commented.

"Stop talking so much!" Chen Shi reprimanded.

"Hurry back to the dormitory. There’s a criminal on campus." Lin Dongxue instructed the two boys.

"Thank you, Auntie..."

The two boys were about to leave as they said this, but Lin Dongxue stopped them. "Wait, don't leave for now. It's probably safer to come with us. If you’re abducted by the criminal on the way, that’ll be troublesome."

"By the way, have you seen any suspicious people?" Chen Shi asked.

Boy A shook his head and Boy B pointed at the lake. "I seemed to hear the sound of water splashing just then."

The group went to the lake. Some aquatic plants grew on the bank of the lake,

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