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Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue went to Chengxing Company to investigate once again. The manager was extremely annoyed after being disturbed over the past two days. The police randomly came up with a hypothesis that part or all of Dong Xiao's body was still left on Earth. They had a glimmer of hope.

The manager didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He really wanted to directly tell the police that this assumption was not true because he handled the project and Dong Xiao's body was sent to the skies above.

Of course, he couldn't say such a thing. In the face of Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue's questions, he could only answer perfunctorily or prevaricate.

While they were talking, there was suddenly a deafening gunshot outside. Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue exchanged gazes in astonishment. The gunshots rang three more times. Looking out from the door of the manager's office that was left ajar, they saw that an employee had been gunned down. There was a bloody mist on his chest as he knocked over a table with a crash.

Lin Dongxue immediately drew her gun, kicked the door and pointed it outside yelling, "Police! Put the gun down!"

It was Lu Qi who rushed in with a gun to kill. He had shot and wounded three employees of Chengxing Company. Hearing Lin Dongxue's shout, instead of giving up, he adjusted the tip of his muzzle and shot twice at her.

Lin Dongxue retreated immediately in fright. One of the bullets shot through the wooden door, leaving a bullet hole in the side wall.

"He seems to have gone crazy..." Lin Dongxue said, dumbfounded.

"Flee first!" Chen Shi said.

Seeing that the situation wasn’t good, the manager had already slipped away from the side door first, and the two also moved to the secretary's office next to them. The two offices were connected and both could be entered from the corridor.

Lu Qi kicked the door and rushed in. He shot two shots and blew up the computer on the table. He shouted, "Police, aren't you guys very arrogant? Why are you suddenly turning into a tortoise with your head inside your shell?"

Chen Shi had already dialed Lin Qiupu's number. He directly raised his cell phone and asked Lin Qiupu to listen to the scene. It was more intuitive than describing the situation in panic.

What he didn't understand was why Lu Qi suddenly came to kill people with a gun.

Lu Qi only had one weakness and that was Su Chan. Could it be that something happened between them?

"Save yourself. Don't try and fight head-on. We'll be right there!" Lin Qiupu said loudly over the phone. When he heard Lin Dongxue's life was in danger, he was immediately in a rush.

Lu Qi stopped slyly, held the front door of the manager's office, and stared at the corridor at the same time, so that no matter which door they came out of, he could see them and shoot instantly.

Time passed by, and the two sides stood in a stalemate across a wall. Chen Shi shoved the manager with his arm and whispered, "Talk to him. Stall fo

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