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That night in the Zhuoyuan Company, a dark figure snuck into Dong Xiao's office and looked for something as they pressed themselves against the wall. They unexpectedly found a small secret door and whistled excitedly. When they opened it, there was only a pistol inside.

Although this company hadn't been cordoned and blocked off by the police, it was almost at that point. Ever since Dong Xiao's disappearance, the employees in the entire company had no mood to work, so there wasn’t anyone there at night.

The dark figure didn't find what they wanted and continued to patiently search for it. They finally sat on the sofa in exhaustion. This was Dong Xiao's usual "throne".

Sitting there, they looked up and saw cigar boxes on the opposite shelf, walked over out of curiosity, removed it from the shelf, and opened it. It contained high-end cigars. They opened all the packaging boxes one by one until they found that one of them had a different weight to it. Upon inspection, they discovered that there was a groove at the bottom with a USB drive embedded inside a metal shell.

The dark figure was extremely excited. Unexpectedly, the mantis stalked the cicada while unaware of the oriole behind them.[1] Suddenly, a hand came out from the shadows behind them. They snatched the USB drive that the dark figure had just obtained.

The first figure turned their head and saw that the other party was wearing a black latex outfit, which outlined their lithe body and curves, while causing unlimited imagination.

At this moment, Cao Man didn't have the time to appreciate the other party's exquisite curves. He quietly bellowed, "Give it back to me!"

"Want it? No way!" Su Chan sneered while shaking the USB drive.

Cao Man stretched out his hand to grab it, but Su Chan dodged away very quickly.

Cao Man looked up and down at Su Chan's attire. This was definitely not a ordinary outfit. He smiled. "It turns out that Miss Su is also in the same industry. I should have known that you wouldn’t fancy people like Dong Xiao!"

"Reporter Cao, who are you working for?"

"Do I have to work for someone? Can't I take it to start my own business?"

Su Chan smiled and shook her head. "It seems that we don’t speak the same language. Goodbye."

"Wait!" Cao Man called out to her. "Why don't we cooperate? We’re both here for this thing. In order to obtain it, I provided clues to the police and knocked Dong Xiao down. It took a lot of effort. You were one step ahead even though I was the one who set up the stage. Isn't that unvirtuous?"

Su Chan looked at the USB drive in her hands with complicated eyes. "You wouldn’t understand the price I paid for it. Goodbye!"

She ran to the stairs and Cao Man chased after her, but he found that she had disappeared just like a ghost.

After coming out empty-handed, Cao Man was so angry that he punched the wall with his teeth rattling. He wondered if there was any possibility to turn the tides.


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