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Lin Dongxue was getting a bit angry. Who was this woman trying to fool? She said, "You said you didn't see Dong Xiao that day. You obviously called him. We found Dong Xiao's DNA in your hiding place, but we didn’t see him alive nor find his corpse. How could you have never seen him?!"

Su Chan casually leaned back on her chair and said, "Let me tell you a story! There was a woman from a humble background who was favored by a general. The woman's father had her betrothed to the general's godfather, a tyrant, to achieve his own goals. The beloved woman became his ‘mother’, and the general could only sneakily try to find this woman. Of course, paper cannot contain the fire. One day, things were revealed. The tyrant got angry and rushed to catch the adulterers. He wanted to kill the general, but he was old and fat. Even if he had a weapon in his hand, he couldn't beat the general and was quickly killed. The general made a decisive decision and killed all of his subordinates. Then, he used a fire to destroy all the evidence and took his beloved woman to escape.”

This was basically the same as Chen Shi's speculation. This was the most cooperative that Su Chan could be.

Chen Shi didn’t ask who the characters in the story were, and Su Chan wouldn’t answer anyway. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have told it as a story. He only asked one question: "Does Lu Qi love you that much?"

"Probably... You have to ask him yourself. Can I go now, officers?" Su Chan smiled.

The police had no evidence to prosecute Su Chan, so they had to let her go. She made a phone call, and then a car came to pick her up. Lin Qiupu paid special attention to the license plate number and asked someone to investigate it. It was a buddy of Lu Qi’s.

As soon as Su Chan left, Peng Sijue returned from the scene. Everyone surrounded him in concern and asked what he had found. Peng Sijue said that the physical evidence he brought back still needed to be identified. He asked someone to remove some items from the car. It was the remains of the launch tower and the discarded outer shell of the rocket. It took a lot of effort to retrieve these things. It can be said that it was the most laborious scene surveyance they’ve ever done.

Due to the high temperature during the rocket launch, there were no clues on them, but a woven bag was found on a truck carrying the rocket to the scene, and some of Dong Xiao's DNA was found in it.

Dong Xiao was taken to the scene, and as the rocket lifted off, he also disappeared cleanly. Anyone could think of the connection. Dong Xiao "rode" the rocket and left.

"Did the body enter the universe now, or is it in orbit?" Lin Dongxue asked. She felt a little absurd when she said those words. She actually had to discuss such a case.

"It's definitely still in orbit. It’s probably orbiting around us." Chen Shi said.

"Mm, I don't quite understand. This rocket went straight to the sky. Why would the contents become satellites? There’s no

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