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Lu Qi sent away two more policemen. The investigation had been going on for over two weeks. The police knew that there was no evidence, but they kept coming to visit his house. They were as annoying as flies.

He sat back on the sofa, drank his beer, and thought about what was amiss.

Why did the police persevere and refuse to give up? Did they have other investigative directions, or had new evidence emerged?

These thoughts made him uneasy as he irritably paced around the house, as if a swarm of hornets was swarming around him.

He heard the sound of a car coming down the road and looked down from the window. He saw Su Chan driving her car back from outside. She was wearing sunglasses, a scarf, and a small bag as she slowly made her way upstairs.

Lu Qi turned off the lights and hid by the door. When Su Chan entered the house, he suddenly hugged her waist from behind, pierced her delicate cheek with his hard stubble, and asked jokingly, "Honey, where have you been? Out partying?"

Su Chan was startled and asked, "You didn't go to the company?"

"Are you not happy to see me?" Lu Qi put her down and his enthusiasm dropped. He could feel that Su Chan had become colder to himself recently, and some changes were happening subtly.

He absolutely could not be like Dong Xiao, who was kept in the dark until a catastrophe was imminent.

"Where did you think I went? Having an affair?" Su Chan unhurriedly asked in a naughty voice.

"Hmph, let me check it out!"

Lu Qi picked up Su Chan, threw her on the big bed, and ripped off her brand-name clothes randomly. After some venting, Lu Qi sat on the bed with a lot of sweat and lit up a cigarette. His sweat-drenched hair was draped on his forehead. There was a gloomy and dangerous look in his eyes.

Since Dong Xiao's death, he had been walking on thin ice every day. Under such high pressure, his sexual desire had become stronger and stronger, and he would explode if he didn’t get catharsis.

But just now, Su Chan didn’t cater to him as enthusiastically as usual. This indifference made Lu Qi feel a lump in his heart. He was afraid of losing her, so he grabbed her hand and said, "Su Chan, I have had many women in my life, but my love for them combined is less than ten thousandth of what I have for you. Do you know how much I value you?"

"I love you too, I'm just too tired today." Su Chan said, touching his cheek, as if she was calming a giant beast.

Lu Qi showed a silly smile and kissed the back of Su Chan's hand. After some kissing, he wanted her again.

"I just went to see a policeman." Su Chan said calmly.

Lu Qi stopped moving, raised his head, and laughed. "I saw two of them just now as well. Don’t say anything!”

"I have something to show you."

Su Chan pushed him away, got out of bed, turned on the computer, and played a video. From the angle and the screen, it was a candid shot. On the screen was Su Chan and a man who looked like an engineer. The

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