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Chen Shi said, "It won't be Lu Qi. Why would he knock on the door coming back to his own house?"

The two looked out of the peephole and saw that it was a woman, so they opened the door. The woman looked surprised. "Who are you to Lu Qi?"

"We’re the police." Lin Dongxue showed the woman her badge.

"Did Lu Qi commit a crime?"

"Who are you? Why are you looking for him?"

"I'm his wife!"

"Wife? Don’t you live together?"

The woman's surname was Ding. After entering the house, she got a glass of water and drank it in one gulp. She seemed to be quite thirsty. Seeing that she was so worn from travel, she had probably walked a long way. She said, “I came here from a neighboring city first thing in the morning. I haven’t even had breakfast yet. I’m here to ask for alimony today.”

"You’re divorced?"

"No. We aren’t divorced, but we’re living separately..." Ms. Ding sighed. "Can you tell me what Lu Qi did? Was it murder?"

Chen Shi exchanged glances with Lin Dongxue and replied, "We’re still in the middle of investigating. There are several murder cases that may be related to him."

“Is he at large right now?”

“To be more accurate, his whereabouts are unknown.”

“Aiya, I knew there would be a day like this eventually." Ms. Ding shook her head and sighed. "Our marriage is very utilitarian. My father was the former president of the Ding Group. I used to be the precious daughter of a wealthy family, but now... I’m a phoenix with all my feathers torn away from me. I’m worse than a chicken. My dad committed suicide because he owed a huge debt. I dare not inherit his inheritance because inheriting his houses and cars means paying back tens of millions of debts. In the beginning, Lu Qi went to work at my father’s company and he had a bold[1] spirit in him. My father liked him very much. A few years later, he was already a top tier executive. When we met for the first time at my father’s birthday party, I was seduced by him instantly. His charm was like a dangerous vortex that always makes women desperate for him. He launched a passionate pursuit towards me. I understood that he just wanted to be my father's son-in-law so that he’d have the opportunity to take over the company in the future, so I didn’t give him the time of day. However, I couldn't block his persistent efforts. Women are all fools in love. Soon enough, I was captured by him. This was probably the starting point of my misfortune...”

“We had children soon after we got married. Lu Qi's attitude towards me suddenly changed. He and I were like strangers living together, but in front of outsiders, we had to act as a loving couple. I found out that he had an affair. Any woman would be furious the first time they find out about this sort of thing. However, he didn’t even bother to cover it up. He stared straight into my eyes and told me that I’m not his first woman, nor his last. If I dared to interfere with him, he would find someone to kill me! I lived

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